6 Tips on Creating Effective Push Notifications to Increase Engagement

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6 Tips on Creating Effective Push Notifications to Increase Engagement

6 Tips on Creating Effective Push Notifications to Increase Engagement

Push notification is a message that appears on the screen of your gadget, be it on a personal computer, tablet or smartphone. There are at least two types of push notifications, namely in-app notification (usually sent by the application you installed) and web notification (usually sent by the website you visit).

But keep in mind that push notifications can only be sent to those who have subscribed or are willing to receive notifications from your website or mobile app. This means you have to provide content or promotions that are really interesting so that it can make the audience willing to receive push notifications from you.

Sending push notifications is the fastest way to generate engagement. Web notification can generate CTR between 4 to 8 times more than email. While in-app notification can increase engagement up to 88%.

This method requires you to be able to make a clickbait message. That is, you need to write the message creatively and easily to understand in order to attract the audience’s attention as soon as possible.

Here are 6 tips for creating effective push notifications to increase engagement:

1. Appropriate Tone of Voice

Write a message in a way that can trigger a conversation. Keep your audience connected with short words (one line) and call to action (CTA). Use simple and straightforward language so that the message is easy to understand. Don’t forget to include the benefits that can be obtained if the audience clicks on the notification, of course with very short words.

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2. Personalized Messages

Make your customers feel valued by sending push-notifications according to their interests. Begin to group your audience based on certain characteristics, such as gender, age, interests, and so on. That way, the message you send will be more relevant so that it can increase the click rate, traffic, and engagement for the landing page you want.

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3. FOMO and Message Focused on Actions

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a condition when someone is afraid to miss the latest information or news, so take advantage of this condition. Clearly show what the audience must do if they want to get a discount or download the report you just published. This type of message generates more responses than usual notifications.

Tips on Creating Effective Push Notifications to Increase Engagement

4. Timing and Frequency

Schedule sending notifications based on your audience time zone. Timing is very important regardless of what form your content is. Also, make sure you also set an expiration time for time-limited messages. This is done so that your audience does not receive notifications about offers that are no longer valid.

5. Restrictions

Get the audience’s attention with a clear and specific message. Limit titles to 48 letters, and copy to 100 letters. While for images, we recommend using the size of 192x192x pixels for web notification, while for in-app notification adjust. You can also add relevant emojis to add traction.

6. Not Repetitive

Avoid spamming by using repeated messages. This will disturb your audience, which will eventually cause a significant decrease in CTR and an increase in the number of unsubscribing. So, you need to prepare many variations of notifications so that your audience does not feel bored let alone feel disturbed.

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Thus the discussion of 6 tips to make an effective push notification to increase engagement. In order to grow and business, advertise your website, online store with Froggy Ads advertising service in order to increase profits directly on your website.