6 Tips for Effective Social Media Strategies that are Easy to Do

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6 Tips for Effective Social Media Strategies that are Easy to Do

6 Tips for Effective Social Media Strategies that are Easy to Do

Today, it is undeniable that social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Status updates on Facebook and the timeline on Twitter can enter the personal realm of many people and of course, bring brand owners closer to their consumers. Social Media is a new branding method that has proven to be quite effective as long as the brand owner knows how to plan marketing through a social media strategy properly. If you enter social media without a good plan, you can be sure that you will experience failure.

All the hard work, time, and money you have spent will be wasted, you will not get significant traffic, engagement with consumers will not be established and no one will even care. Just because social media is a free tool doesn’t mean you don’t have plans to get into it.

Social media has boundaries that you have to overcome. In this case, the limitation in the social media strategy is information on how to use it effectively. Before you use social media as a marketing tool for your business, you must understand how to use it. Here are some useful social media tips for you.

1. Secure Your Brand

The first step to planning a successful long-term social media strategy is to secure your entire brand on every social media. Your brand name is the most important thing you have to secure it by registering it on various social media sites. Of course, it would be better if you have the same brand name with the same domain name, Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t wait until you need it, better take it all now and when you are ready with your social media strategy all usernames are already registered in your name. Having a uniform brand name in social media is very important to build trust for consumers and of course, it is good if your brand is exposed in the mass media. Having a different username will only confuse consumers and other target audiences.

2. Prepare a Strategy

This strategy preparation itself consists of two parts, namely evaluating your internal assets and evaluating the competition. The implementation of social media itself is assisted by existing assets, namely brand messaging, the uniqueness of your website, the content management system, and the budget for social media itself. Social media is indeed a free tool, but to make your brand known through social media certainly costs money.

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3. Environmental scan and competitive analysis

80 percent of the time spent building a social media strategy is doing research and evaluating competitors. Research and evaluation of competitors or similar brands is one of the most important things in planning a social media strategy. The environmental scan itself contains what kind of competition is going on, what they are doing, who is successful in using social media, and who is not included with dig up fresh ideas.

For example, we can see how Starbucks is successful in using environmental issues through its social media, in this case, Facebook. Starbucks Indonesia once carried out a Facebook campaign by providing plant seeds that were placed in Starbucks coffee containers and as a result, the campaign was successful and became the media spotlight.

4. Learn the characteristics of Social Media

Social media itself has different characteristics, for example, there are fundamental differences in the audience’s approach to Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter, you can take a more personal approach to individual followers. Not knowing the characteristics of social media, you will not be able to reach many fans or fans. Your social media strategy may work on Facebook but it turns out that if you apply it on Twitter the results are very different. For example, the campaign for 1,000,000 Dove fans on Facebook was successful and very interesting, but of course, it cannot be applied on Twitter. Like the Rinso brand from Unilever, which has a Twitter account and personifies it as a housewife who has various tips for keeping laundry clean. Twitter also allows audiences and brands to connect more personally.

But what needs to be considered if your brand is already involved in social media, you must pay attention and answer all these responses because response speed is something that is relied on in social media. It’s useless if you have a Twitter and Facebook account with millions of fans or followers without being accompanied by the response speed itself.

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5. Designing the Strategy

After you have studied the characteristics of social media and you have prepared the strategy, the next step is to design the strategy. Some things that need to be considered in social media are writing appropriate content, of course for the right target audience, building trust and ultimately getting people to take action. You have to create a space for your online audience about the things they want to discuss.

An important part of this social media strategy is knowing what kind of conversation you want to build on your brand account later. Research shows that on social media people are freer to express themselves without rigid boundaries. For this reason, the conversation does not always have to be about your brand and you should not even talk about the brand itself but more about its benefits and interesting things about it. For example, the account from Rinso explains more about ways to remove stains, wash clean, and other hygiene tips.

6. Measure and Evaluate Success

When you have chosen the right social media channel and have the right strategy, the most important thing is to measure the success itself. Whether the increasing follower on Twitter or tens of thousands or even millions of fans has made a brand successful. What you want to aim for in this case, only brand awareness, or indeed the target is sales, this needs to be considered from the start. The key to success in social media is when it helps your brand reach its goal stages, whether it’s just awareness or impact sales.

So, you already know what to prepare if you want to bring your business into social media. The key is careful preparation, a clear strategy, and an understanding of what your target audience wants.

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