6 Things You Should Avoid When Doing Product Branding

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6 Things You Should Avoid When Doing Product Branding

6 Things You Should Avoid When Doing Product Branding 1

Branding a product using a new, unfamiliar brand requires a lot of effort. As we know, product branding is various types of communication activities carried out by a company to build a product’s reputation in the market. Product branding is considered successful if it can influence consumers to choose the product over competitors’ products.

In doing product branding, many things need to be considered. Once you make a mistake, you may get a bad brand image. Therefore, avoid these 7 things when branding products:

1. Not Honest

When consumers realize that what you say doesn’t match the actual conditions of the product, that’s when you start to lose trust from consumers. Branding a product that has a bad reputation in the eyes of consumers will be very tiring and will hurt your business in the long run. Therefore, you need to be careful in defining your product. Define it honestly to increase their belief.

2. Mimicking Competitor’s Product Branding

Consumers will not be interested in your branding when it is done by imitating a competitor’s product branding. If this is done, consumers will compare your product with competitors’ products. It could even be that consumers will remember your competitors’ products so that you as a newcomer will have a hard time in competition.

To anticipate this, you need to do research first before branding products, and make an innovation that makes your product unique so that it looks different from competitors’ products.

3. Too Focused on Competing with Competitors

You won’t win the competition by getting better, you will only win if you are different. Business competition is indeed inevitable, but too focused on it is also not a wise thing.

Perform analysis for your competitors’ products, find out what their advantages and disadvantages are. Lastly, make something different and focus on your customers.

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4. Forgetting Offline Product Branding

In today’s digital era, online product branding has proven effective. However, that doesn’t mean you can forget about offline product branding. Offline branding can build a strong bond between you and consumers. For example, you can work with social organizations to organize social activities to create a good brand image.

5. Not Making the Most of Social Media

Apart from being a medium for communicating with consumers, social media can also be used as a means for you to build product branding. There are some tips for branding on social media:

  • Choose the most relevant social media and many potential consumers there
  • Use visual content
  • Create a regular and consistent posting schedule
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Add the story behind the product, for example, the reason the product was made or how the product can solve consumer problems

6. Visualization That Is Too Ordinary

Innovation is the key to product branding. Therefore, the branding you do must be able to attract consumer interest or attention. For example, you can make a logo design and product packaging that is attractive but unusual, so that it is more prominent among competitors and consumers, the easier it is to remember your product.

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