6 Steps to Using Instagram Shopping for Beginners

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6 Steps to Using Instagram Shopping for Beginners

6 Steps to Using Instagram Shopping for Beginners

Currently, Instagram is the most interactive social media. The proof is, no less than 1 billion people around the world have access to it. So, Instagram is a good opportunity for you to start a business. One way is to use Instagram Shopping.

Many people use Instagram Shopping for business. Nearly 80% of its users are used to sell various products. In fact, for shopping, at least 125 million people spend their money on Instagram Shopping.

So, aren’t you interested in trying Instagram Shopping?

There are steps you have to go through to use Instagram Shopping. First, make sure you have an Instagram account. The method is really easy. Second, turn your Instagram account into a business account. Third, connect your Instagram profile to your Facebook page.

Then, create a product catalog on Facebook. Remember, come up with a unique but clear name. Easy for consumers to remember so they don’t have to bother looking for your product. When finished cataloging, all you need to do is wait for verification from Instagram. Usually, your product will be reviewed and will need to get approval for a few days.

If successful, you will see a shopping bag icon in the top right corner. After that, try uploading a photo of your product on Instagram Shopping. You can upload a maximum of five photos a day in the feed.

Apart from the feed, you can also upload it in the story feature. You need to know that Instagram users also like to spend their time checking stories. Every day, no less than 500 million people access these features.

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You can use this opportunity by uploading product photos. One story, one photo. Do it continuously to get consumers interested in your product.

However, how do you make Instagram Shopping effective for business needs? Pay attention to the steps and apply them immediately.


1. Aesthetic Photos

Visuals are key to Instagram. Consumers will be interested in pressing the button on the heart or double-tapping your upload if the photos displayed are of good quality. Take and post photos of your best products. Features on Instagram make it easy for you to edit photos to make them look more attractive.

2. Unique Videos

Again, good visuals make your upload stand out. Besides photos, videos can be uploads for your products. With a time limit of one minute, best capture your product moments. Choose an elegant video theme so that consumers are interested in seeing and then making transactions on your product.

3. Include Hashtags

After uploading your photo or video, don’t forget to include the hashtag at the end. Use hashtags that are relevant to your product. There’s no set number to determine whether multiple hashtags will appeal to your customers. Therefore, you also need research. Also include an original hashtag that matches your product.

4. Collaborate with Color

When you want to upload a product photo or video, pay attention to the details of the color you choose. To be more beautiful, use the features on Instagram to add a more beautiful appearance. Color is an important element in Instagram Shopping. Consumers can be attracted to the photos you upload because of the elegant and attractive color combination.

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5. Be Inclusive

Often you see photos, videos, or captions that are shown only repeating. Apart from repeating itself, only your products appear. Of course, it will be boring for consumers who see it. Try to show something different, for example, attract other target markets. This will add consumer variants and also relationships.

6. Honest Content

Have you ever seen an Instagram account suspended for taking photos or videos without permission? If so, try not to copy. Suppose you want to take photos from another account, please allow permission and provide the source. It would be better if you use photos or videos of your products. Originality of content affects consumer interest.

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