6 Mistakes Frequently Made When Working Together with Influencers

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6 Mistakes Frequently Made When Working Together with Influencers

6 Mistakes Frequently Made When Working Together with Influencers 1

Nowadays many large and small companies are implementing influencer marketing strategies. Not surprisingly, influencers can indeed provide higher conversion rates, and are relatively faster. However, using an influencer marketing strategy does not always work well. In some cases, there are companies that do not get the results expected.

There are many factors that make an influencer strategy less effective. In fact, several contributing factors have often been encountered, for example, the wrong choice of the influencer itself. Therefore, you need to understand the mistakes that are often made when working with influencers.

1. Wrong Select Social Media

Choosing the right social media is very influential in the success of your influencer marketing. You must first find out who your target market is, and what social media to use.

For example, if your target market is professionals, LinkedIn will be more effective and allow you to get higher conversions. Whereas if your target market is the millennial generation, then Instagram will be more effective.

2. Incorrect Choosing an Influencer

Incorrect choice of influencers is a fatal mistake. In a way, influencers are the spearhead of your company or your company’s representation at the time. Therefore, you need to be careful in choosing influencers.

The most common mistake, for example, is that you want to target an audience who likes to exercise, but you work with influencers who like to make funny videos. Besides being ineffective, the conversion that will be generated is also minimal. Even worse, your collaboration with influencers is actually considered annoying by the audience. If that happens, of course, your company’s reputation is at stake.

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3. Not Using Analysis Services

One of the things needed to know the effectiveness of your influencer marketing is to use analytics services. There are many platforms that can help you gather and analyze important data that your business needs.

With the data obtained later, you can understand the extent of audience reach and engagement when influencers campaign your business content on their social media. With the analysis service, you can also plan marketing strategies better in the future.

4. Poor Communication

Even though it looks simple, communication is one factor that cannot be underestimated. Poor communication can cause communication to miss between you and the influencer.

When collaborating, you must explain in detail the interests and objectives of your business to the influencer. Also, make sure the influencer has a good understanding of the agreed agreement.

5. Website Not Optimal

Before deciding to run influencer marketing, you need to make sure your website is running optimally and has a good user interface when accessed via a smartphone or via a PC.

We know that influencers will usually direct their audience to visit business websites that work together. What will happen if the website turns out not to be running optimally? Of course, your audience will think twice about buying your product – and worse, your brand will get a bad image in the eyes of the audience.

6. Not Learning from Failure

The saying goes that failure is not the end of everything, failure is success that is delayed. You might make mistakes when working with influencers. However, that does not mean you may immediately ignore this strategy.

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As mentioned above, influencer marketing can have a tremendous impact, as long as it avoids the common mistakes of the five points above. If you still fail, try to do a more in-depth analysis to find out why this strategy failed.

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