6 Marketing Strategy Instagram at a time when Social Distancing

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6 Marketing Strategy Instagram at a time when Social Distancing

6 Marketing Strategy Instagram at a time when Social Distancing

Currently the community is close and familiar with the existence of social media as a complementary means of interacting and obtaining information than other media on the internet. Moreover, the society is doing social distancing and quarantine of their own in the house the massing of them. Now is the time for business owners to start doing the marketing strategy for digital while the community to do social distancing. One of them through instagram, which appears as a platform of visualization and information and become one of the social media that is most in demand.

With the presence of this tendency, inevitably, instagram co-creates trends and opportunities for the company to go do the marketing strategy in it. However, even though instagram has become one of the place of effective marketing and has a lot of audience, does not mean You will get the purchase easily. You still need the right marketing strategy, to advertising or promotion You do be right on target and bring the purchase of.

1. Use the Appropriate Hashtags

Though Instagram is social media that prioritizes the visual, there’s an element of non-visual that You need to add to the brand’s Instagram, like for example the style of the caption. One of the techniques of the caption that is popular is the provision of hashtags. Provision of hashtags Is not only limited to the use of the name of the company but also can create a hashtag that represents the brand and trends related to the product.

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It can encourage followers to share photos that match the hashtag. For example You are selling a product bag. Then You can use hashtags such as #cheaponlinebags #qualitycheapbags #brandedbag and so on in accordance with the target market You want.

2. Give a Special Promotion to Attract the Interest of

There is no way the best in the promotion in addition to give you a quote that is interesting to followers Instagram. Remember, followers are prospective customers. For that, You need to provide deals that make followers Instagram You feel interested.

For example, to provide a special promotion in the form of price cuts or even free of charge for a specific product after selecting the product the main. Don’t forget to ask Your customers to share photos of Your business products using the hastag to meet the requirements of any such promotion that indirectly has resulted in free marketing for Your business.

3. Note The Caption

Instagram may contain visual content that captivate, but don’t ignore the caption that accompanies each photo. Caption provides huge opportunities for Your business to tell a story. Description Instagram allows You to expand the information, and clarify the description of the image that You show.

4. Use Consistent Visual

A research from WebDam about the visual in social media found that 60% of brands on Instagram use filters or the same theme on every post. By using the same filter on all photos, account Instagram Your business will have a style that is easily recognizable by Your follower. The more Your photos are easily recognizable, the more likely Your followers will give a like and leave a comment on the photo.

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5. Include Profile Instagram You on Other Social Networks

In contrast to some other social media, search profile in Instagram not so good. Therefore, if Your account is less known and popular, then it will not be easy to get followers new. This leads to an account Instagram sometimes only have a very little process of interaction with other users.

To overcome this drawback, connect Your profile automatically to other social media sort of Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. By doing so, Your followers on those sites can easily find a profile of Instagram You.

6. Note The Post Time

One of the things that should be done with regard to the time of the post is to have consistency or routine without annoying followers with updates that are excessive. One of the ways that You can do to choose a schedule is to do a test in a different time and see the result.

Post’s that have engagement (or customer engagement – usual in the form of likes and comments) the most high is posting at the right time to be used as a benchmark. Once You see where the most appropriate time, enter the time in the content calendar or editorial calendar to schedule post time Instagram You.