6 Key Performance Indicators Used for Marketing

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6 Key Performance Indicators Used for Marketing

6 Key Performance Indicators Used for Marketing

In a business company, every leader must have measurable targets. This target can be seen through the Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Usually, the target is more burdened on marketing because it is considered the spearhead of the company. Even so, the Key Performance Indicator also applies to all employees.

To find out the Key Performance Indicator, you can see it on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Key Performance Indicator is very important to use to control whether there is an increase or decrease in the target of each field. So, we can also know the performance of each employee.

Several types of Key Performance Indicators are useful for marketing including:

1. Cost per Lead (CPL)

Today, many business people are marketing online. Besides being cheaper and easier, affordability to prospective customers is more effective. So, do not be surprised if Cost per Lead is chosen to measure the Key Performance Indicator.

In addition to measuring customer affordability, Cost per Lead is also needed to measure campaign costs. Of course, this is an interesting thing. Moreover, campaign costs are synonymous with high prices.

2. Customer Retention

Finding customers is not an easy matter. You need to do targeted promotions. However, when you find a customer, what you need to do next is to retain them to become loyal customers. This requires more attention because it is not easy.

So, customer retention is another way to measure how effectively a company can find customers. Also, keep customers to be loyal. Besides, we can see whether the company’s promotion is effective.

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3. Marketing ROI (Return on Investment)

The company’s income is the key to how the company can survive in any condition. So, various ways are done by a company to maximize income. To control how much income is required a Key Performance Indicator.

One of the most important marketing KPIs and is often used by business people is Marketing ROI. Because this Key Performance Indicator is useful for measuring how much income is obtained from campaign costs.

4. MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead)

The Marketing Team is the spearhead of the company. However, don’t forget the sales role in it. They also play a role in increasing the company’s income. So there is continuity between marketing and sales.

Marketing Qualified Lead is a prospect that has been reviewed and selected by the marketing team and then placed into a specific category. After giving the category, marketing will delegate the task to the sales department.

5. SQL (Sales Qualified Lead)

After getting direction from marketing, sales continue their duties. They will move towards customers who have priority prospects. This is useful for measuring how many potential customers can be converted into customers. Then also can be seen who can be loyal customers.

This data is important so that it becomes a good Key Performance Indicator for the company. Also, determine how the marketing team performs. If the performance is good, it will certainly increase sales.

6.Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Calculating the costs incurred is important to determine a marketing strategy. Especially if the cost is related to the need to attract customers. This needs to be done so that customers are interested in buying products sold by the company.

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These costs cover many things, including the costs of production, distribution, to marketing. So when you know the details of the costs required, you will have the option to implement a marketing strategy.

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