6 Effective Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

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6 Effective Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

6 Effective Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty 1

Customer loyalty can be defined as the behavior of consumers who continue to make purchases periodically or repeatedly. Not only that, customers are considered loyal if they also show positive behavior towards the brand that offers the product. This means, getting loyal customers is not easy. It took a lot of effort to make this happen. The following are some of the effective ways to increase customer loyalty.

1. Give a Member Card

The use of a member card is an effective strategy to bind your customers. Consumers who have a member card will usually get certain privileges, for example, get special services, special prices, and will get more attractive rewards than consumers who don’t have a member card.

2. Maintain and Improve Product Quality

You need to remember that consumers who decide to buy your product are those who believe in what you have to offer. Therefore, you must maintain this trust well by maintaining and continuing to improve the quality of the product. Once you make a mistake, consumers will likely switch to competing products.

3. Give Vouchers

Everyone loves gifts, discounts and free products, so take advantage of these conditions. Offer vouchers to your customers with certain conditions that must be met, for example purchasing a product or purchasing a certain nominal value. That way, your consumers have no reason not to buy your product anymore, because, in addition to fulfilling their needs, they also get other benefits with the voucher.

4. Use the Point Reward System

Point reward is a very powerful strategy to continue to encourage consumers to buy your product over and over again. This strategy accumulates the number of consumer purchases and is calculated on a points system. For example, each of your customers makes a transaction of $ 500, then they will get 100 points and its multiples. The more consumers make a purchase, the more their points will be, and these points can usually be exchanged for certain products or gifts.

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5. Satisfactory Service

Good service will provide a sense of security and comfort in the minds of consumers. Service here is related to many things, from when consumers ask for detailed information about a product, face technical problems, submit complaints or criticisms, and so on. The key is to listen, understand, and deal with customer problems quickly and precisely if there is a problem.

You also need to provide the widest possible access for customers to contact you. For example, displaying your company’s contact person on the website, and being active on various popular social media.

6. Ask the Customer Reviews

You never know what consumers like and don’t like about your product. You also never know how they feel about your ministry. If you don’t know this kind of sensitive information, how can you improve or develop your products and services? So, try asking consumers to provide reviews regarding your product or service. It is not impossible, you will get information that has so far been unnoticed.

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