6 Effective and Efficient Ways to Collect Feedback

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6 Effective and Efficient Ways to Collect Feedback

6 Effective and Efficient Ways to Collect Feedback

Running a business online more and more. No one is not in business. Especially during a pandemic like this. Therefore, every businessman needs to monitor whether the service to customers is appropriate or whether the product packaging satisfies customers. One way to find out is by presenting feedback from customers.

If you look at it, it seems like the feedback is like something trivial. However, pay close attention. With feedback, you can understand how the business has developed over a certain period. Details such as price, packaging design, delivery service will appear from reviews or what is commonly referred to as customer feedback.

Then, what is an efficient and effective way to collect feedback from customers? There are six ways of which are described in the article below.

1. Survey

Making a survey is not an easy matter. You should be brief but concise. Its function is so that customers can immediately provide feedback. You can post these questions on the website. However, there is also a special platform that provides a special room for questions and answers so that customers can easily understand it.

Questions you can start by asking open-ended questions. Then sort them one by one to lead to the final destination. However, don’t let the questions you ask seem direct. After that, you can provide a value with a scale calculation.

2. Email

One great way to get feedback via email. Why is it necessary by email? Organized system. When a customer has provided feedback in any form of comment then you can answer like, ‚ÄúThank you for your feedback. We will respond immediately. “

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Apart from the system, you can also make effective use of it by requesting a personal email. Usually, the customer will give it when the transaction is finished. From there you can dig deeper into customer needs.

The most important thing is to make sure the subscribers reply to your emails. Don’t let them mute or deactivate. Because it affects the development of your business.

3. Social Media

Extracting customer feedback from social media is an effective way. Today, almost everyone has social media be it from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can do a poll on one of these social media. However, customers can also immediately add comments in the comments column related to uploading your product or service.

Not only that, both on Instagram or Facebook, customers can create an IG or FB Story to provide feedback on the products or services they have used.

4. Interview

Since online business has become more vibrant, many people who were previously moved not to do business, are now also starting to do business. So, usually, there will be competition between competitors. It can also be said to be plural and constitute healthy competition. However, to find out how far your product or service competes with competitors, you can interview customers.

If you can’t meet face to face, you can interview them via phone call or video call. What you need to pay attention to are three things such as whether users experience problems when using your services or products. If there are problems, users will stop not using the product and even give bad feedback. However, they may also find solutions that you never imagined before.

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Things like that that you should know and explore the way customers think is very necessary.

5. Data Analysis

Have you ever known how long it takes a customer to decide to buy a product? Or how long does it take for a customer to view a product?

From the questions above, you can find out what the customer is having problems with. The duration of time determines a decision. So, from social media or websites, you can change or fix any weaknesses in it.

6. Comment box

If you build a business by displaying a website or social media, you can also put a comment box under your product or service. From there, customers will provide comments or feedback if they are satisfied or not satisfied with your service. You can encourage customers to provide solutions so that your business can develop better.

After collecting feedback, you need to immediately respond, change or improve so that customers understand that you pay attention to customer needs.

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