5 YouTube Marketing Tips to Increase Engagement and Subscribers

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5 YouTube Marketing Tips to Increase Engagement and Subscribers

5 YouTube Marketing Tips to Increase Engagement and Subscribers 2

As the largest video sharing site in the world, YouTube has many monthly active users reaching 1.9 billion. According to Alexa, YouTube is the second most visited site after Google. This is the reason why many brands are investing their money in Youtube marketing.

To be able to take advantage of this potential, you need a mature strategy, especially to increase engagement and also the number of subscribers. It’s useless if you have a YouTube channel but don’t have many subscribers, and your videos aren’t watched by many people.

Here are 5 tips that can help you increase engagement and subscriber count:

1. Create Content Eligible to Subscribe

To be able to make videos with high levels of engagement, it takes a lot of testing. From these trials, you can later measure which videos have the best performance in terms of engagement metrics, such as viewing time, average viewing percentage, average viewing duration, audience retention, and average duration per session.

Analyze this data to find out which topics and videos generate the highest engagement. Once you find the videos in question, you can create video content on a similar topic to the video. Thus, your video has more potential to generate higher engagement rates.

2. Compile Your Playlist Based on Engagement Level

Creating playlists is a very effective way to organize your videos and generate more engagement. This method can also make it easier for your audience to watch their favorite topics. That way, they’ll continue watching your content.

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One of the best ways to keep your audience watching the videos in your playlist is to compile a list of videos based on engagement metrics, particularly those with the highest audience retention rate, and ending with videos that have the lowest audience retention rate.

3. Add a CTA to Subscribe at the End of Your Video

Adding a CTA at the end of your video content is one of the best ways to increase your YouTube channel, subscriber count. When your audience watches the video to the end, it means that they have an interest in the video content, and may want to continue watching other videos. To make the most of these conditions, make a compelling CTA, and put it at the end of each video.

4. Optimize Your Video with Relevant Keywords

To be able to increase the number of subscribers, the condition is that you must be easily found. But that’s not enough, you also need to optimize your videos and channel by placing relevant keywords in your title, tags, description, SRT files, video files, and thumbnail files.

You also need to check out the most popular queries that play a role in bringing audiences to your videos, which you can find on YouTube’s Search Report. If this query is different from the topic of your video, consider updating your video to close the gap and add relevant keywords to your metadata. Meanwhile, if the difference between the query and the topic is too far, you can create a new video related to the most popular query.

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5. Create Attractive Thumbnails

Another factor that can affect the ranking of your videos, as well as growth in your subscriber count, is your video thumbnails. Video CTR is one of the factors that have a big influence on video ranking (according to the YouTube algorithm), especially in the first 1 hour. An attractive thumbnail can make big changes to a query.

When video thumbnails are made in moderation, no audience will be interested. Fatal, YouTube will consider the video irrelevant, and will not get a place in the list of recommended videos.

To make a thumbnail that stands out, consider having a human face there. People are naturally attracted to human faces because it is a survival mechanism for understanding another person’s emotions and also determining whether they are friend or foe. Also, consider using contrasting colors to make the video stand out.

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