5 WordPress Secrets You Need to Know

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5 WordPress Secrets You Need to Know

5 WordPress Secrets You Need to Know

Have you ever heard that WordPress can be transformed into a website? Did you know that various kinds of cool websites are built using websites? Quoted from WpBeginner, big companies such as Time Magazine, Google, Facebook, Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, The New York Times, and CNN also entrust their websites to use WordPress. Here are 5 WordPress secrets that you should know. In addition to how to make a website easy, there are various other benefits that you can get, you know.

How to Create an Easy Website

Here’s a tutorial on how to create an easy website that you can follow. Please follow step by step.

WordPress Free!

With WordPress, you don’t have to bother paying a developer to create a website. You can follow how to create a website easily. You can download, install, manage, and modify the website for free. You can also modify the website source code freely. How about themes and features? Don’t worry! There are various kinds of free and paid themes and plugins to support your website needs. All you need is a domain and hosting so that the website can be immediately “up”.

Everyone Can Contribute

Quoted from WPBeginner, WordPress is free for everyone to develop because it is Open Source. Many people develop various plugins to meet their website needs. Some provide patches for bugs from previous versions. For display problems, everyone can create, develop and use free or paid templates. Because everyone contributes, it is very easy if there is a problem. There are various guides and discussions on how to create an easy website with WordPress that you can read.

Easy to Use and Learn

This is one of the secrets to WordPress success. From the start of how to download, installation to customization, it is very easy to use and learn. If the user has difficulty, there are various guides and tutorials that you can follow. Likewise with the domain and hosting service providers that host the website. Usually, many tutorials can be followed regarding how to install WordPress, tips on securing WordPress, and so on. How to create a website is easy, just provide a domain and hosting. Then do the installation and it only takes 5 minutes and the website is ready to use.

SEO Friendly

Are you concerned about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Take it easy, websites created with WordPress are very SEO Friendly. There are various kinds of plugins that you can use to increase website traffic, for example, Yoast SEO and so on.

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Don’t worry, WordPress is safe!

Many say that WordPress is easy to hack. Don’t just believe in that! No system is 100% secure. Always update regularly and take some action.

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