5 ways to get quality and quality customers

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5 ways to get quality and quality customers

5 ways to get quality and quality customers

Working with good clients or customers has different business advantages. Think of fast payments and better cash flows, and this is the key to the economy that is uncertain right now. But how do you get good customers?

For many business owners, bad clients will always be there and relate to business. This is a type of client that must continue to pursue to get payment and always cause problems in your business cash flow.

Bad clients are hard to work together, they often ask for change and expect you to work extra without paying you a penny.

Maybe for you beginner business owners, you will often get customers like this. Not only do they always run with a tight deadline, but you will get paid who is not in accordance with everything you have done.

Even so, new business owners are usually too naive thinking everything will change. But it is not! Don’t continue to be free with clients or customers who only harm your business.

Learn how to get good customers and commit to presenting profits for you and your clients simultaneously.

By working with this client, you have no cash flow problems due to late payment. This means you can cover everyday costs without having to worry about how to get money. Not to mention the benefits of reducing stress and anxiety because you are not worried about money.

But how do you find and get customers like this? Here are some tips that you can apply in your business or business:

1. Determine your ideal client

If you currently have one client or customer you consider better than others, use them as templates to help you find other clients like them.

But make sure you know what makes them a perfect client. Is it because they are easily invited to work together and pay you on time? Maybe they give you a reference and the flow of constant work that you like?

Enjoy what you do as important as getting paid, and understanding this will help you identify the type of client you want to attend.

For example, if you enjoy developing websites for small entrepreneurs and craftsmen, and find that this is a profitable market to be served, you will know that you prefer to do it than work for a large retail chain.

If you don’t have a client that you can use as a template, don’t worry. You can still determine your ideal client by looking at what you don’t like from existing clients.

For example, if you have a client, you must always be sure about the value of your service, and who bid prices, your dream client will vice versa.

Defining your dream customers from the start will give you the criteria that you can use to assess all future clients and become a way to get the right customers. And you must assess clients based on these criteria.

Often many businessmen really want to get jobs so they don’t see danger signs in the orientation process.

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Also note the potential clients who vilify the previous small business, make a contradictory statement or withdraw their words.

For example, they approve 50% rates and deposits with one client. In follow-up emails, clients change their stories completely, saying that they cannot pay deposits because they are small finance departments and prefer to make payments once. What should you do? Make sure you finish cooperation with this kind of business.

In addition to determining what you want from the client, also make sure you understand the niche what are the places of most of your clients and their unique problems.

Doing this will help you find where to find it and also help you compose a unique value proposition that speaks to them.

2. Find where your prospective customers gather

To find out where they gather, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What types of websites do they often visit?
  • What social media platform do they use?
  • Are they part of the Facebook group?
  • What offline shows are they attended?

As a small business owner who manages the team, you can survey your customers using surveymonkey or even google form.

By knowing where they gather, you will be ready to find, interesting, connected, and sell to them.

3. Find and connect with better customers

After you know where your dream client gathers, it’s time to connect with them and build relationships. Here are three ways you can do it:

  • For websites they often visit, consider writing educational and informative content that makes you a leader of thought.
  • Make sure you are active in the social media network where they are active. For example, if the client is more active on Twitter, be more active on Twitter. If the client is more active on LinkedIn, more active on LinkedIn.
  • Connect with them and share content relevant to their industry. In the LinkedIn case, you can even write and publish posts on the platform to show your skills.

Facebook group is another way to connect and find clients. In the article titled 6 Ways to Get Your First Client, Ramit Setyhi shared how Luisa Zhou, businessman and author for Growthlab, used the Facebook group to help him get $ 1.1 million in eleven months. He just spent time where the prospect spent time. He distributed valuable content and helped prospective clients by answering their questions.

4. Perfect your promotion

Finding and connected with potential clients is one thing. Reach them to sell your service is another thing. Make sure your promotion is right, adjusted, and directed to the right person.

For example, if you are a writer, make a special promotion for each client (mention their names and refer to one of their recently read and enjoyed articles), take the time to research the company to understand their products and what content they publish , and finally, personalize your email. “Hi [Enter a name]” will give you better results than just “Hi” or “Hello”.

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This task may take longer, but the good news is to follow this simple guideline, you will stand out from many people who don’t try. And, in the process, you will increase the opportunity to get the client you want to attend.

5. Interesting better customers by offering unique values

Your value proposition will communicate the unique benefits you have to offer. By setting your value proposition, you will be more interesting the type of customer you want and filter you don’t want.

That’s why you have to take the time to do your proposition and enter it on the main page on your site: Home page and your service.

Effective value propositions convey simple messages, highlight your unique values, target certain customer segments, promising certain benefits, and often include testimonials for social evidence. They often contain titles, subtitles, points, images, and even videos.

Bonus Tip: Request a reference

If you already have a top client, you can start using this strategy immediately. With this approach, you use your existing best client network. Most likely the client will have many connections with other similar clients that you will like.

When using this method, don’t overdo it; Simple email will function. Tell your clients that you are looking for new clients to grow your business and ask whether they can refer you.

Most clients will be happy to do this for you, but make sure you build relationships with them first – the relationship where you produce quality work.

When you get a reference, make sure you don’t make a mistake by keeping your price stay the same. Many do it because they are afraid their old clients will talk to new clients.


Bad clients can bring havoc. Not only can it have a negative impact on your cash flow, but it can also cause excessive stress. Two things should not need you experience in running a business.

The good news is that you don’t have to work with this client. There is a better way, and this involves a five-step process that starts by specifying and finding ways to get your ideal customer and end with a better client pull through your unique value proposition.

Start using these five steps to build a healthier and more profitable business. The business built only works with the best clients. Clients who pay you on time, happy to work together and allow you to grow with their growth.

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