5 Types of Social Media Content that Get the Most Share

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5 Types of Social Media Content that Get the Most Share

5 Types of Social Media Content that Get the Most Share 1

The number of social media as a marketing platform today, certainly makes you think which is right for you to choose as a promotional channel. Therefore, it is important to know how to determine the right type of social media that you are using. Therefore, the development of social media is always valued as an effective marketing tool.

However, if you are not careful in choosing social media, this can hurt your business. So, choose social media that suits your target market. Also, pay attention to the relevance of the content that you produce to your business goals. After that, you must determine the right and interesting content for each social media that you will use. How to? Check out the following tips.

Success in social media marketing is usually determined by good quality content, timing of posts, and frequency of posts on your business account. However, the most important of all these factors is the quality of the content. Because good content can be an attraction for your audience, thus enabling them to make a purchase.

Like on Twitter, for example, several types of tweets can get more retweet numbers, namely photo content totaling more than 35% retweet, videos more than 28% retweet, quotes more than 19% retweet, data in the form of numbers more than 17% retweet, and hashtags of more than 16% retweets. Further to understand the type of content that gets the most share on social media, see the following explanation.

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1. What-post

What post is content that contains explanations or presentations related to a topic that is being hotly discussed by the public. For example, the Froggy Ads blog publishes articles on a topic that is being heavily discussed, such as “What Can Cause Online Store Sales to Reduce”.

2. Why-post

Why post is content that is used to explain a topic that is happening. For example, if you have an opinion about an issue that is circulating in the community, then you want to convey a message regarding your argument that explains why the issue is right or wrong. That’s the function of why post. For example, the Froggy Ads blog publishes the article “Why Personal Branding Is Important for Your Business Success”.

3. List-post

List-post is a type of post whose data or list of points in the form of text, images, or links that discuss a specific topic or theme. For example, the Froggy Ads blog publishes like “4 SEO Tools that Can Help Improve Your Website’s SEO”.

4. How-to article

If the content or post that you create aims to explain how to do something with detailed steps or steps, then this is called a how-to article. For example, the Froggy Ads blog publish articles like “How SEO Optimization Can Significantly Increase Traffic”.

5. Video

The type of content that is no less important for you to present to your audience is video. Types of posts in the form of videos can be packaged with messages that create a funny, controversial, or explain something in detail. From here, you can determine what messages you can give to the audience through this video content.

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That is an explanation of the types of social media content that get the most shares, and you must understand. Thus you can create effective social media content and can encourage an interested audience with your product/service.

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