5 Types of Keywords That Can Increase Your SEO Marketing Conversions

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5 Types of Keywords That Can Increase Your SEO Marketing Conversions

5 Types of Keywords That Can Increase Your SEO Marketing Conversions

Keywords are words or words written by someone on a search engine (such as Google, Bing, etc.) to find websites or pages that contain the information they need.

Keywords have a very important influence on SEO marketing. By using the right keywords, you can increase your business sales conversions.

Not all keywords that have high search volume are directly proportional to high sales conversions. Vice versa, not all keywords that have low search volume will result in low conversions.

Keywords that can generally lead to conversions are keywords that are specific and consist of two or more words (long-tail keywords). The following are some types of keywords that can help increase your SEO marketing conversions.

1. Branded Terms

Branded terms are keywords in which there is a certain trademark. The person performing this search includes a specific brand in the set of keywords they enter.

For Examples of keywords: Cheap Asus Laptops

The word “Asus” is the brand name that is inserted in the keyword. The people who enter the brand name are also usually fans of the brand. So it is not surprising that branded terms are one type of keyword that has a very high conversion.

2. Product Terms

Product terms are keywords that mention certain products, for example, cameras, smartphones, TVs, and so on.

Keyword example: Cheap Acoustic Guitar

The word “acoustic guitar” is the type of guitar a search engine user wants to buy. This keyword is often used by those who have not yet determined a brand for the product they are going to buy.

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3. Competitor Terms

Competitor terms are keywords that aim to compare products from one brand to another. The two brands being compared generally have gone through a long research process, so that one of the products from the two brands will be purchased by the user.

Examples of keywords: Samsung A50 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

By making comparisons like this, users will get final information about the advantages and disadvantages of the two products.

4. Symptoms Terms

Symptoms terms are keywords that contain anxieties or problems experienced by a person and want to get answers to those problems immediately.

For example, a person who is traveling and his motorbike breaks down. Most likely he will be looking for information on Google about what caused the bike to crash and how to solve it.

Then Google will display content in which contains the cause of the motorbike to crash and ways to solve it.

5. Specific Terms

Specific terms are keywords that contain very specific information, for example, product code, model, series, and so on. Because of their specific nature, the competition for these keywords is usually very low, so you can make optimization easier.

For example: iPhone 11 Pro Max Gold 64GB

The person who searched for these keywords from the start has determined a very specific product. Starting from the brand, variant, to the internal memory capacity. It is not impossible if this person wants to buy the product they are looking for.

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