5 Types Of Content That Are Proven To Be Able To Bring Thousands Of Traffic

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5 Types Of Content That Are Proven To Be Able To Bring Thousands Of Traffic

5 Types Of Content That Are Proven To Be Able To Bring Thousands Of Traffic
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Content is one of the important factors and most influential in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google as a search engine is the most widely used very pay attention to the content. It is no wonder if in a relatively short time, Google frequently updating its search algorithms. It is intended that the results of the search can be more relevant to what is sought by the user.

So here the challenge is no longer on the technique used, but rather on how quality and relevant content that we write against what is desired by the information seeker. SEO techniques are important, but great content and quality is much more important.

Not only that, with quality content can also trigger more interaction with the readers. If our content is good, people are not just passing through on our website, still they will be “live” on our website as a loyal reader.

And the point is that the readers of the content we would recommend our website to others. Share our content on social media and tell our website on everyone they meet. So traffic up to thousands of them is not something impossible.

Therefore to bring in thousands of traffic each day we can start from creating quality content.

5 Types Of Content That Are Proven To Be Able To Bring Thousands Of Traffic Every Day

Here there are 5 types of content that You can make as quality content. With make 5 types of article, You can develop it into tens to hundreds of content that could potentially bring thousands of traffic every day. So what are the 5 types of content? Below are the details.

Content type 1 : Manual how to do/ use something

The type of content is the first content in the form of a guide on how to do or use something. This type of content there are a lot of people are looking for it. If we provide this kind of content then the chances for flooded traffic from the search engines is huge.

As an example of that type of content is much sought after by the users of the internet and have traffic, we took an example about how to root Samsung Galaxy smartphone. there will be at least 1,900 people are looking for a guide how to do root the smartphone. It new of 1 type and 1 smartphone brand. Whereas in this world there are so many smartphone with a variety of types and brands. If we can consistently provide the content with the type of guide like this then the traffic of thousands per day is not impossible.

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Examples of websites that consistently create this type of content is wikiHow. Based on the data from Similarweb, wikiHow over 6 months, estimated as reaching 148,11 million traffic. And traffic figures is much larger than the site news portals such as bloomberg.com and forbes.com.

Content type 2 : Infographic

The type of content that to 2 is the infographic. This infographic is a way of presenting information through pictures interesting.

Sometimes there are people who are lazy to read numbers and data. By presenting it visually through an infographic this then people will more easily understand the information related to numbers and data.

In some countries it may infographic is not so popular. But we can get the infographic with a very easy and fairly complete. By visiting sites such as CNN, CNBC and Good News.

In Indonesia there is still a lot of players or creators are presented in the form of an infographic like this. If You want to get traffic a lot, then this kind of content worthy of Your try. Because today is the era of Big Data, it needs to be presentation of interesting data and information will also be higher.

The type of content 3 : the List

The type of content that the third which proved to be able to bring thousands of traffic every day is a list or list. Usually this type of content there are numbers on the title content.

Maybe You’ve read the title of the article such as :

  • 10 Fashion Parade Of Celebrities When Celebrate Eid. From Elegant To Use The Concept Of Bohemian!
  • 10 Foods Savior After Snacking ‘Inconsiderate’ During Eid. Be Strong Again Foundation!
  • 9 Best Android Smartphone in the Beginning of the Year 2020, from Xiaomi to Samsung
  • 7 These Features Make Telegram is More Fun to Use than WhatsApp
  • 6 Reasons Why Selling Nothing Buy
  • 17 Steps How To Create Email With Your Own Domain
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It all is some examples of article titles that use the content type of the list or list.

To create this type of content is also quite easy. We just have to look at the source as much as possible. Then from these sources we find the common thread and make one into a single unit. So be content in the form of a list or this list.

Type content 4 : the Interview

The type of content next is content in the form of an interview or interviews with the speakers. To be able to bring traffic through this type of content there is the trick.

The trick is to do interviews with people who have the influence and the future base which is quite a lot. As an example we can interview the regent, the regional heads, officials, artists, artists and so forth. Or it could be interviewing people who are phenomenal and controversial.

This content type is used not only to content in the form of writing, but can also be used for the content with the format of the video or audio.

Content type 5 : a Review

The type of content that the last is a review. This content type is in great demand by the people of Indonesia. There are many websites that provide this type of content. There is even a service that specifically provides a review service for products or services that we have.

Usually that can be used as materials review, among others :

  • price
  • features
  • strengths and weaknesses
  • the physical condition of the
  • and so forth.

As an example we can look for review about the Samsung Galaxy. Then based on the data from Ubersuggest, looking for review about this smartphone there is a minimum of 18.100 traffic each month.

That’s a list of 5 types of content that we can write to bring in thousands of traffic per day. Now it’s Your turn to choose one, then begin to write the content according to the type of content that You select. If it is please monitor Your traffic and compare the results.