5 Tips to Increase YouTube Video Rankings on Search Engines

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5 Tips to Increase YouTube Video Rankings on Search Engines

5 Tips to Increase YouTube Video Rankings on Search Engines

YouTube becomes the second search engine after Google, has 92 billion page views every month which also gives great traffic to the website and blog, and about 35 hours of video uploaded every minute.

YouTube also makes it possible to monetize your video content. When you get the number of video views that meet the criteria, you can make money from YouTube videos. Therefore, you need to find out how to increase your YouTube video ranking on the search engine.

However, just Upload the video is not enough to get a view on YouTube until your account becomes a big account and gets verification from YouTube, and won a lot of subscribers/viewers.

Users usually create videos such as entertainment, tutorials, tips, or video niches, then upload them to YouTube. This variety of videos should display content and have good quality to get a satisfactory number of views.

If you have uploaded a video on YouTube but haven’t got a view, think more about the reason why someone has to watch your videos or how easy for users to find your videos in the search results. YouTube videos also need SEO optimization to rank in search results.

Now we talk about how to get traffic to your YouTube video through some of the tips below.

Before discussing tips, understand that YouTube has its algorithm to rank on a video. Even though you decide to buy an inorganic YouTube traffic, this doesn’t guarantee your videos will be ranked higher. One of the factors known in the Youtube video ranking is the duration of the audience to display videos.

When the user starts watching your videos and stop in the first few seconds, it is possible to rank your video will drop.

So make sure you have created an interesting YouTube video, then don’t forget to use the thumbnail that caught attention to get more CTR (Click Through Rate) from the related and embed video. The addition of custom thumbnails to your videos can produce a drastic impact on the CTR which will later raise your video ranking.

Guide to Increasing Youtube Video Ranking

Well, then please see some tips for increasing your youtube video ranking on the following search engine.

Right title and keyword

The video title is the name of the video that makes someone know what is in it. Choosing a title that matches the video content will be very good for visitors and also for the YouTube algorithm for SEO. Giving a title that matches the contents of the video is a way to make your videos be able to get SEO optimization.

YouTube video description

Write a description of the video contents. Explanation in two to three first lines is very meaningful to get a high ranking in search engines. Give a brief description in two to three lines that include video themes and what’s in the video.

Besides, use the AutoComplete keyword phrase in the search engine as a video description. If the keywords are searched according to the first two lines of your video description, the video will rank higher. So write the description of your videos properly to be able to match the search keyword.

Give a video name before being uploaded

After you take the video and edit it, make sure you have given a video name in the format; key_words.mp4.

Give a video file name focusing on keywords can help search engines recognize what is in the video. Because the search engine cannot look into the video content, which can help the algorithm know the contents of the video is the name of the video.

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Giving the name and video title facilitate the video search index and put it ranked higher. So use the target keyword in the video file name.

Use Closed Caption (CC) on YouTube videos

Use the Closed Caption (CC) feature on YouTube. CC will display your text on videos that can help audiences understand video narratives and can be translated into different languages.

More or less transcripts are the script you use when planning video making until the execution of shooting. The new YouTube algorithm automatically transcribes the sound in the video into a text that can be activated or you can also write the manual at Closed Caption when the video has no sound.

Using CC is a new way to enter the search engine index because there are keywords written in it. Besides, writing transcripts to video descriptions makes your videos friendly to search engines. You can also take advantage of services like Caption for YouTube to write video captions uploaded to YouTube.


Use of Tags and Keyword Research

Tags so other important ways to get ratings on youtube searches, here are some tips for using tags in video:

  • Make a specific list of tags, write the main keyword. Doing this will facilitate the algorithm to read your content.
  • Create a list of general tags, write the appropriate general keywords. For example, if the main keywords you use are “Shoutmeloud” then the general tag can be “blogging tips,” or “WordPress help.” You can use the TUBUDDY Tool to help find the right tags for use in the video. This tool also shows ratings for certain keywords. This tool has been used by many YouTubers and is highly recommended for your YouTube channel.
  • Also include tags with false spelling, for example, if you use the keyword “real SEO” then also include “real SEO.” To find out how people look for videos, check on Youtube Analytics and Traffic Resources.
  • Include a single and plural form of the tag you use, for example for the keyword “tattoo art” then also include the word “tattoo art” and separate keywords into different tags such as “tattoo” and “art.”
  • Include phrases to tags such as Long Tail keywords you use.

Keyword Idea is an important part of SEO. You can’t find all the keywords that allow it to be included in your video, use Google Display Planner to get ideas for keyword use.

Google has two similar tools, namely Keyword Planner and Display Planner. You can use Display Planner to get the keywords you need.

Display Planner not only suggests various keywords but also provides an understanding of the keywords sought. Download this collection of ideas in the MS Excel file then include this keyword and phrase into the tags, titles, and descriptions of your video. Have the same target keyword in the video title, description, and tags will make the video in the index and give it a search engine in the search engine.

Video upload guide on YouTube

Apart from the 5 tips above, here are some additional guides before you upload videos on YouTube:

Video content

The first area that people fail to understand is about the video they created, namely that Youtube is not a medium to do shopping activities. You can’t purchase on this media platform.

It doesn’t matter if you use YouTube to put product promotion videos, but you should multiply videos that are useful for the audience, such as tutorials or interesting information that remains relevant to your brand or product.

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Duration of Video

YouTube constantly updates the search algorithm to provide a better user experience. Often, youtube quickly changes its algorithm to overcome various obstacles but the following things have an important role:

  • Number of comments on the video.
  • The duration in the second format is spent by users to watch videos.
  • Number of Like on Video.
  • How many times videos are distributed on social media.
  • How many times videos appear on other websites.

The factor above makes YouTuber creating better videos with more appropriate content to meet the demand for algorithms. Although there is no official guide on how long the duration in one video, make at least a 2-minute video. The ratio is simple, the longer the user survives watching video, it will be better for ranking video.

Therefore, having a longer video with a duration will add a total of the user spent watching your video. In essence, so that the audience doesn’t move from your video, don’t create boring content. But, pay attention to the proportion of duration, don’t be too short and not too long.

Add internal links to your website

Your next task is to approach the audience and direct them to your website. The website can be a place to resolve the marketing process, by attracting their attention, making sales, clicking on ads, and so on.

After adding a link, you need to optimize the video description. This is another area for YouTube to find a signal about the contents of your videos. Here are some tips for optimization Description your video:

  • At least write content with several 200 words.
  • Don’t use duplicate content. This means that each video that you will upload requires a different description.
  • Don’t use keywords with excessive amounts. There is a penalty risk for using excessive keywords.


After knowing tips for ranking video on youtube higher in search engines, in the end, all return to yourself about interesting video meaning. When you work on a tutorial video, it’s still focused on the target audience, and prepare the targeted manuscript to provide information on the audience.

Make sure you also ask the audience to like and share the video and point them to access your product website.

One more thing you have to make sure of is your website readiness to receive a visit. When you use a website to display products or put ad videos on the website, your website will usually receive excessive loads that can interfere with the website’s performance when displayed.

But, you can handle it using quality cheap hosting that can guarantee your website anti-slow and safe so it can be relied upon.

One of the good YouTube SEO tips for bloggers is to embed videos in blog posts because this can help you get more views. YouTube is a very influential platform and can generate a lot of traffic to your website. Follow the simple steps that have been described above and see the results at your video ranking on YouTube.

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