5 Tips to Implement the Word of Mouth Strategy Well

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5 Tips to Implement the Word of Mouth Strategy Well

5 Tips to Implement the Word of Mouth Strategy Well

5 Tips to Implement the Word of Mouth Strategy Well

Have you heard or seen your friends or relatives promoting a product? In the world of marketing, this is commonly called word of mouth. Word of mouth in marketing science or marketing is a communication about products and services between people who are considered independent from the company that provides the product or service, in a medium that will be considered independent from the company. According to George Silverman in his book, The Secret of WOM Marketing, WOM communication can be in the form of conversations or testimonials such as speaking directly, by telephone, email, group list, or other means of communication.

In today’s digital era, the WOM strategy can also be implemented via email, website, or social media. For example, someone buys a food product through market place A, if he is satisfied with the product and service, he will provide a review and testimonial through that market place. Indirectly, he has implemented a word of mouth strategy.

This marketing strategy looks more simple and does not require a large amount of money, but has a fairly high level of effectiveness. This strategy is very suitable for use in Indonesia because most Indonesians like to socialize and hang out with their friends. Many of them also have the habit of asking their closest friends about a product before making a purchase. If their friends say product A is better, they will easily believe it. This is what makes the word of mouth strategy still running today. Then how can the product or brand that you want to market get positive word of mouth? Follow some of the tips below.

Give The Best Service

By providing the best service, you don’t need to worry about being left behind by customers, because with good service customers will feel more comfortable, so that it can make them more loyal. Not only that, with a high level of satisfaction with the services you sell, customers will also be willing to recommend your business and products to friends, family, and colleagues. To provide the best possible service to your customers, you must treat them with kindness, respect, courtesy, and empathy. Try to hear what they want and what they don’t want. Once you know this, try to provide the best solution for them. For example, if you sell cosmetic products, you can provide recommendations for the right cosmetic products according to their needs.

Prepare Easy Communication Media

Sometimes some customers want to ask something about the products you sell, or maybe want to complain about the products you sell. Therefore, to get word of mouth, you must prepare a medium as a communication tool between the company and customers. With these media, customers can tell everything they need or convey all their complaints, and you can solve the problem immediately without requiring a lot of time.

Get Customer Testimonials

To get positive word of mouth, the next way is to ask customers to review and provide positive testimonials on products. You can ask satisfied customers to provide a written statement or make a short video about their satisfaction with the product you are selling. You can also give a little reward for those who want to give testimonials, for example, giving a discount on the next purchase. After getting testimonials, you can upload them on social media, websites, and other media.

Engage Customers on Social Media

Social media is one of the media that is being of great interest to many people and is an opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to promote their business. By having social media, you can not only promote products but also find out what customers want more easily. In using social media, try to involve customers as much as possible, for example, posting photos of them using your product. Don’t forget to mention and tag them and thank them for their trust in using your product. That way, they will feel happy and proud because they have used the products you sell.

Have the Key Opinion Leader

What is a Key Opinion Leader? KOL or key opinion leader is a person who has the power to influence a decision. Until now, KOL is still widely used by companies to help with word of mouth marketing strategies. In general, KOL will be heard more by the general public, because they are considered people who have more knowledge and experience. KOL is usually used by companies to review or provide testimonials on products sold through social media, especially Instagram. KOL is one of the important assets for a company, whereas as an entrepreneur you have to think carefully about who is the right person to be the opinion leader of your product. If you choose the right KOL, your word of mouth strategy will do well.

Those are the five tips for getting good word of mouth from your customers. If your word of mouth strategy is running well, your business will be easier to grow and customers will come naturally. For your business to grow, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and provides you with multiple options for marketing your product.