5 Tips to Encourage Customers to Repeat Orders

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5 Tips to Encourage Customers to Repeat Orders

5 Tips to Encourage Customers to Repeat Orders

As a businessman, your highest hope is for customers to come again and again to buy your products. This situation is often referred to as a repeat order. If this happens repeatedly, you can imagine, how much profit will you receive? Must be a lot, right?

The problem is that not all business people are able to attract customers to buy your products continuously. It could be because the service is not optimal, customers turn to competitors. If you don’t want that to happen, pay attention to your customers.

Then, what can you do to make product sales experience repeat orders?

Listen carefully to the following tips. These tips can be practiced not only for small businesses, but also for medium and large businesses. In addition, it can be done by online or offline business people.

1. Sending Notifications

The notification strategy is not a spamming strategy. That’s what you should know. Many customers often get the wrong idea. In fact, notifications are really needed, especially when you have a new product.

Nowadays, almost everyone needs a notification. Starting from waking up, having breakfast, having lunch, doing assignments, to going to bed. As if notifications have become part of our life.

Likewise with doing business. So that customers feel burdened by notifications, you can send e-mails. Of course, you do not need to send individual e-mails one by one. You can use e-mail marketing so that your work is efficient.

2. Offer Membership

One way to get your business to experience repeat orders is to offer memberships to customers. Almost every store, both online and offline, when a customer makes a transaction, they will definitely be asked about membership or membership.

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Because, usually by having a member card, customers get special prices. If the customer doesn’t have it yet, try to make an offer. If you wish, you can achieve two goals.

First, obtain a customer database. Second, increasing repeat orders. Every business certainly has its own approach so that customers want to use a membership card.

The most common, for example, when a customer makes five transactions, the sixth transaction gets a free quota. Interesting to do, right?

3. Managing Trust

What must be managed so that customers want to make repeat orders? Of course, the answer is trust. Then, how do you manage customer trust?

There are many things. Like providing satisfying service. For example, you send invoices so that customers can easily make payments, deliver customer orders on time, and provide receipt numbers so customers can track product positions.

The most important thing is fast response in responding to complaints. Things like this are often forgotten, especially when the brand has become big. In fact, to maintain trust, you are still doing this.

If you do these tips carefully, you only have to wait for customers to repeat orders.

4. Ensuring Schedule to Come Back

These tips are needed so that customers make repeat orders. Namely ensuring customers come back after making the first transaction. You can do it according to the latest product schedule that you issue.

To do this, you can use a voucher or coupon. In a coupon, for example, when a customer is given a coupon, there is a gift that can be taken within a certain period of time. Apart from gifts, you also give discounts.

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So, when the customer comes back, you have prepared the latest product. So, you can offer it and ultimately increase the sales of your business.

5. Give a Surprise

Every now and then you need to surprise a customer. For example, when the customer has a birthday, you can give special prices for certain products. This method is effective considering the habits of customers who need the latest products on birthdays.

In addition, you can provide additional services for customers who have made transactions, for example, seven times. You can give a surprise in the form of a gift.

Thus, customers will feel happy and appreciated. So, then customers put their trust in your product or brand. So, customers will make repeat orders.

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