5 Tips on Using Twitter Moment That Can Become Your Inspiration

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5 Tips on Using Twitter Moment That Can Become Your Inspiration 1

5 Tips on Using Twitter Moment That Can Become Your Inspiration

5 Tips on Using Twitter Moment That Can Become Your Inspiration 1

Moment is one of the mainstay features of Twitter that has been launched since October 6, 2015. With this feature, Twitter users can easily find a variety of interesting stories that are happening in the world at that time.

Along with its development, the Moment is also used by brands to support its business goals. For those of you who also want to create a Moment for business purposes, a few examples of the Moment below might inspire you.

1. Events

Make a Twitter Moment that shows what is happening at an event that you organize or participate in. Moment can be your medium for sharing what others have to say about your brand, and also for sharing the latest news about what is happening to an audience who cannot attend the event.

The Twitter Moment example that you can see is when INBOUND at the 2016 INBOUND event. When Gary Vaynerchuk started the event with his remarks, many of the participants and influencers present there gave their opinions on the event, and shared it with followers.

2. Tweetstorm

Tweetstorm is a Twitter feature that allows you to make many tweets (series) at one time. Moment here serves to display tweetstorm to attract the audience’s attention about what you tweet.

Plots UK & Ireland, one of the detergent brands that created the Twitter Moment about tweetstorm to promote the hashtag #DirtIsGood, which is an invitation to children to play outside the home.

3. Breaking News

One other example of using Twitter Moment is to display breaking news. As we know, breaking news arouses a sense of emergency so that many people will see the Moment that you created.

You can create Moments to group lots of tweets related to news or events that are happening. For example, as was done by Bloomberg about the World Economic Forum in Davos.

4. Behind-the-Scenes

One of the great things about social media is that it can give consumers access to see a brand more closely. The behind-the-scenes moment can answer the audience’s curiosity about what happens behind a brand. You can use Moment to show the process of making a product, how your employees work, and the process behind the scenes regarding the event you are holding.

5. Content Promotion

Social media is one of the keys so you can successfully promote the content that you publish on your blog or website. Try to publish your latest blog post in the form of Moments on Twitter.

So that your Moment can attract the attention of the audience, the Twitter side suggests the following suggestions:

  • Use a Clear Narrative: Your tweet must invite the audience’s curiosity, thus encouraging them to continue swiping.
  • Don’t Do Repetition: Use different and original values ​​for each Moment you make, so your audience doesn’t feel bored.
  • Use Simple Visual: Be careful when choosing cover images. A simple but still attractive image, dynamic GIFs, and talent from influencers can be a good start.
  • Use Short Sentences: Use short and curious titles. In the description section, it should be less than 30 words.
  • Promote Your Moment: promoting means you are targeting the audience. In other words, your moment will be seen by all Twitter users who fit the criteria that you have specified previously.

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