5 Tips for Implementing Competitive Advantage Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

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5 Tips for Implementing Competitive Advantage Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

competitive advantage

It is very interesting to talk about the term competitive advantage, because right now we are facing an enormous challenge due to Covid-19.

Then, how do you keep your business profitable during a pandemic? Here are some things to watch out for.

Implementing a Competitive Advantage

As the name suggests, competitive advantage means competitive advantage or advantages in a business competition. This means that your company or business must have an advantage over competitors even if it is in a slump or is facing a crisis.

It can take many forms, from very strong branding, or a product function that is always needed by many people.

Not all businesses are capable of creating a competitive advantage. This is very much influenced by the branding that is done and what benefits your product can provide.

This means that both startups and conventional companies have the same opportunities and opportunities to create a competitive advantage.

Building Good Relationships With Customers And Clients

This is the most important stage to gain a competitive advantage. Because the overall profit that your business will get is very dependent on customers and clients. If your company doesn’t build a good relationship with them, you will have a hard time making sales.

A good relationship can be started by providing good and professional service. Because, if you don’t give them the best service, it’s hard to build a relationship that can be mutually beneficial and sustainable in the long run.

Maximizing Internet-Based Technology

Amid a pandemic like now, all technology-based businesses tend to have competitive advantages. Because the only access that can still run smoothly is internet-based technology (not disturbed by social distancing or PSBB).

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Even just for shopping, people are required to do it online. So as much as possible your company must be able to adapt to these conditions.

Advancing Partners and Branches with Technology

As discussed in the previous point, during the Covid-19 pandemic, you must prioritize using internet-based technology when running a business. Also, if your business has many branches, you shouldn’t just focus on the center. Also, pay attention to your branches and business partners.

Do not allow imbalance between the center and the branches. The purpose of this action is so that your customers can experience the same when interacting with your business be it at the center or branch.

Pay attention to the purchasing power of the market

Knowing people’s purchasing power can also be a competitive advantage for your company or business. When you are going to do production, for example, by knowing the purchasing power of the market, you will have a clear estimate of how much product to produce.

That way, you will not produce too much when the purchasing power of the market is weak – and vice versa.

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