5 Tips for Creating Instagram Captions to Increase Engagement

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5 Tips for Creating Instagram Captions to Increase Engagement

5 Tips for Creating Instagram Captions to Increase Engagement 1

Photos aren’t the only aspect you have to pay attention to if you want to get high engagement on Instagram. Captions, although often considered trivial, can be a very influential aspect in increasing engagement. Here are 5 tips for making Instagram captions to increase engagement.

1. Trial and Error

To be able to create captions that can increase engagement you need to do a lot of experimentation, and maybe even mistakes. Each type of business has a caption concept that can be different from one another. Try to write at least three different caption concepts for a post. Comparison of the three and choose the best one, then make a post with that caption, and see the results. If the results are not satisfactory, make corrections, and repeat the steps before you find the appropriate caption model.

2. Put Important Information First

When making Instagram captions, make sure you enter important information first at the beginning. This is done to get a good first impression. Apart from being important, the information must also be interesting and also relevant to the audience, so that they pay attention to the caption. Apart from that, you can also start a caption with a question or trivia, use emojis, or a tantalizing offer.

3. Always Enter the CTA in the Caption

People are more likely to take any action if they get the urge to do it, and this is where the Call to Action (CTA) plays a very crucial role. CTA has many variants, such as a direct invitation to buy a product or service, answer a question, leave a comment, or share experiences.

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Whatever type of CTA is used, make sure it is always in the post caption. With a CTA, your audience has more incentive to take certain actions, so you will also get a higher engagement rate.

4. Sharing views on something that is trending

An alternative that you can do to increase engagement is to talk about something that is currently popular. For example, trending movies, viral posts, unique events, and so on. Try to share your views on something that is trending, and ask your audience to share their views. However, not everything you can inspire, look for events that do have something to do with your business. Remember, your goal here is not to comment on these events, but to get a higher engagement rate.

5. Use Hashtags

Hashtags have a very important function in Instagram. With hashtags, you can group your posts based on certain keywords, and find a topic more easily. Here are some tips for using hashtags to make the results more effective:

  • Use Relevant Hashtags: for example, if your post talks about shoe products, then use hashtags that are related to shoes, for example, “quality cheap shoes”, “quality shoes”, and so on.
  • Use Unique Hashtags: Apart from being relevant, you also need to add a unique hashtag, which is the type of hashtag that contains your brand name.
  • Don’t Too Many: Using too many hashtags will annoy certain audience groups, even if the hashtag is blacklisted.

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