5 Tips for Choosing a Social Media Buzzer to Support Business Development

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5 Tips for Choosing a Social Media Buzzer to Support Business Development

5 Tips for Choosing a Social Media Buzzer to Support Business Development 1

Buzzers are people who have a special task to make an issue trending, talked about by many people, or even viral. Buzzer is often used by various groups, ranging from organizations, politicians, governments, including businesses.

In the business world, buzzers are those who work in social media to carry out the tasks as mentioned above to promote a product or image of a brand. The use of buzzer is one of the current digital marketing strategies because it is considered more natural and has a high level of engagement. Many of the audience is not aware that they are reading ad content.

In choosing buzzer you should not be careless. There are some important considerations that you must pay attention to.

1. Have a high impression

Buzzer is considered effective not only in terms of the number of followers, but also in its ability to produce high impressions or reach. Social media platforms usually provide analytic tools to find out the amount of impression from an account.

You can also see the effect of a buzzer account by using services like Hootsuite Insight, Buzz Sumo, Twitter Counter, and so on. Some of these services can measure the level of activity of Twitter and Facebook accounts. The higher the level of activity, the impression score usually also increases.

2. Appropriate Character Buzzer Content

In addition to the impression score, you also need to pay attention to the contents of the buzzer account to be selected. Content that is not in line with your product will certainly not have a significant effect. So, find buzzer accounts that have content and characters that match your product so that the results are more optimal.

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3. Mastering Soft Selling

Soft selling is an ability that must be possessed by a buzzer. Hard selling techniques, as we know, will only make potential customers avoid because they seem frontal and forceful. Soft selling is known as a more natural method and is not made up so that potential customers will be easier to engage in conversation.

4. Interact Diligently

The buzzer function is not just spreading content and making it trending. Buzzers must also be diligent in responding to the reaction of the audience after sharing certain content, so that the buzzer account does not look like a robot account.

The conversation, discussion, or debate that arises will increase the reach of the content to be even wider. Natural and human interaction can also give a positive image to the promoted brand.

5. Understanding Prime Time

Primetime is the best time to publish content. Professional buzzers should understand this well. Primetime in Indonesia is usually in the range of 05.30-09.30 for the morning, 11.30-13.30 for the afternoon, and 16.30-19.30 for the night. However, the prime time for each buzzer account might have a slight difference depending on the activity of each follower.

Choosing a buzzer account that suits your business is not easy. You need to make observations one by one, contact the buzzer for an offer of cooperation, direct the desired content, determine the time the content is published, conduct monitoring and evaluation of the buzzer’s performance.

To make it easier, you can rely on a buzzer agency or social media marketing service provider. They usually have experience in organizing buzzers and have an extensive network with diverse types of content.

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