5 Things You Should Look For When Running Facebook Live

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5 Things You Should Look For When Running Facebook Live

5 Things You Should Look For When Running Facebook Live

What better way to show the human side of your business than by showing your team activity behind the scenes? The arrival of Facebook Live has changed the world of live streaming to be more interesting.

Facebook Live is free and easy to use, so any company can use it. However, you shouldn’t be careless when doing Facebook Live. Here are 5 things to watch out for.

Content sources and themes are from your community

Your community and customers know what they want, and the easiest way for you to produce quality Facebook Live content is to ask them what they want to learn.

The easiest way to get people interested in a topic is to let them choose that topic. Run a poll, ask your audience directly what they want to see, or create a theme based on questions and comments from your community and customers.

Promote Before You Start Live

It’s important to remember that a live video is more like an event than a blog post. In other words, you have to catch their interest first before going live. The good news is that Facebook allows you to target specific events and groups with your promotions. It’s perfect for more focused ad campaigns.

A really simple way to do this is to create an event on Facebook. This way, you will notify the audience who are already following your Facebook account.

Every time you remind your audience, share something of new value. For example, highlight tips that you will share, or what types of information you will cover at live.

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Prepare yourself by reducing distractions

While Facebook Live may seem more relaxed than television commercials or video productions on YouTube, that doesn’t mean you don’t prepare anything before the live. Activities like live-streaming still represent your brand, so you shouldn’t leave a bad impression.

Before doing alive, take the time to prepare. You can test it first to see how the lighting, sound, and other elements are. In addition, make sure you use a tripod or other assistive device to prevent shocks when recording. Also, make sure to minimize noise and eliminate distracting backgrounds.

Right time

Timing can be everything when it is going to make a good impression on your audience. As with sending emails to get the best response, there are also things to watch out for in your live videos.

Make sure to go live at the best times when lots of people are spending time on the internet, especially on Facebook so that you get a bigger audience.

Be Responsive and Interactive

Immediate comments and reactions are an exciting experience for customers. It feels more like a two-way conversation when you respond to their questions in person. That’s why Facebook Live can drive up to 10 times more comments than non-live videos.

One of the most powerful ways to increase online engagement is to respond to comments that come up in person. This invites more people to share their opinions and thoughts while you are living. If you’re worried that there will be too many comments to respond to, you can always ask someone off-camera for help selecting the most important comments.

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