5 Things You Need to Know About a Sales Strategy

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5 Things You Need to Know About a Sales Strategy

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The crisis period is not over yet, but the second phase of Covid-19 is ready to approach. So when you have a business, you need to rack your brains. Look for ways to determine the right sales strategy.

The arrival of the second wave of Covid-19 is uncertain. However, you should be vigilant. Learning from the first phase, almost every business goes bankrupt.

Starting from reducing employees, reducing salaries, to closing shops forever. To anticipate this, you will try everything you can to keep the business running.

One thing that can be done is knowing customer behavior. Of course, in this era of pandemics, customers prefer products at low prices. Besides, customers set aside big names for the sake of spending efficiency.

So, to plan your business more precisely on target, you need to rethink your sales strategy.

Then, what are the right sales strategies so that your business can be stable? Find the answer below.

1. Customer Research

Since the first wave of Covid-19 arrived, many customers have changed their shopping habits. They no longer come to offline shops. But loves to shop online. They also prefer products with the lure of a sale price.

They will also buy products based on friends’ recommendations. Research like this is what you should know to hook a diverse customer base.

Entering the new normal phase where the second phase of Covid-19 will simultaneously arrive, you need to know the characteristics of consumers. Find changes in consumer product consumption, or how customers spend.

You can make payments easier by invoicing them. Thus, customers find it easy to shop.

2. Manage Promotions and Prices

An unexpected outbreak has shaken various businesses. Product prices also need to be reduced so that customers are not lost. Likewise with promotional activities. You need to change your sales strategy to make it more effective.

You need to understand that today’s customers prefer products at lower prices. So, you can work around this by giving a discount or buying one product, a bonus for another product.

Such a sales strategy will be more effective. Other products are pushed out of warehouse storage. Thus, the production chain continues to run smoothly. What is also interesting is promotional activities.

Of course, promotion will be more aggressive. However, it is still being worked on massively. Promotion targets customers who are used to shopping at your store. So that when they make transactions and get satisfying service, they can report it to their close friends. Interesting strategy, right?

3. Prioritize Online Sales

With limited face-to-face activities, online communication is preferred. You can greet customers by chatting or video calls. So, you don’t have to worry about losing customers either.

Moreover, technology like that is currently able to support your business. Various groups are not new to shopping online.

Also, pay attention to the sales vehicles you use. Do not forget to pay attention to customer movements in choosing a payment method. So, your sales strategy can be effective.

4. Product Evaluation

Customers must be more careful in choosing products. They will choose quality products but at affordable prices. Customers also tend to see products that are not well known but according to friends’ recommendations.

Things like this that you should pay attention to in a sales strategy. You need to evaluate products for business continuity. Is it true that your product still has the trust of customers? Try asking this question of the customer.

5. Enable the Distributor

What needs to be worried about from business sales in the pandemic era is the reduction in distributors. Even though they are the right people to supply goods to customers.

Reflecting on their previous experience, they are also worried about a decrease in transactions. Therefore, they take it safe. You need to pay close attention to distributors.

Give them an allowance or incentive by giving them a discount. So, service to customers is still well guaranteed.

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