5 Surefire Ways to Do Free Advertising in 2020

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5 Surefire Ways to Do Free Advertising in 2020

5 Surefire Ways to Do Free Advertising in 2020

Advertising your business is the first step to introducing products to the wider community. Specifically, to start a startup, there are many considerations that you should think about is budgeting your advertising budget for your business. Because allocating funds for company capital is certainly not small. However, in today’s era of sophisticated technology, many ways can help you advertise cheaply even for free. What are these free advertisements? The following explanation:

1. Social Media, the Latest Advertising Platform

Increasingly diverse social media have captured the attention of almost all generations. Ranging from children, teenagers, adults to parents also helped enliven various social media platforms. This condition can be an opportunity to introduce your business widely. Besides, you can also use it as a channel for advertising by adjusting to the latest community trends. So the results obtained are even more effective and on target.

Advertising on social media can use strategies that attract potential prospective customers, such as offering discounts or other promos such as buy 1 get 1. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also offer advertisements quite cheap with a very beneficial impact.

2. Utilizing a Blog to Advertise

The role of blogs in advertising is as a platform to publish article content to deliver a particular message. Especially persuasion messages that will drive sales. Through blogs, you can run marketing by explaining business, giving tips and tricks, conveying product information and advantages in detail and interesting, and you can also give color to your blog by sharing other information that might help your visitors, so that it can provide benefits for increase your visitors on your blog page.

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In addition to advertising, blogs can also be a medium for you to communicate with other users in the comments column. So, they can provide criticism and suggestions, make offers, and so on.

3. SEO Optimization (Search Engine Optimization)

When you have poured content into a blog, your site’s predicate may still be in the bottom position of the search engine page. Because a reputable blog or website will certainly occupy the position above you because they utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Therefore you must do SEO optimization to be able to compete with them on the search page. In this way, you can do an affordable or even free marketing strategy, if you can do it yourself.

4. Disseminating Press Release

Efforts to create business advertisements that you do yourself, you can complete by utilizing print or online media for advertising. You can get free advertising by distributing press releases. If you provide interesting information to the wider community and local media about your new business or product, they can cover it.

5. Optimizing Word of Mouth

Next, do free advertising that is easy with the old way that is quite reliable, namely word of mouth. Offering products or word of mouth promotions to the surrounding community, will make your business widely known with the potential to attract new customers. Besides, you can also establish a connection with the author or publisher and ask for their help to promote your product.

Advertise can be done cheaply or even free as described above, and you can try in 2020. With efforts to advertise in various ways, your opportunities to increase sales transactions for your business are even greater.

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