5 Strategies to Use Email Marketing Effectively

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5 Strategies to Use Email Marketing Effectively

5 Strategies to Use Email Marketing Effectively

Since being presented in 1978, email marketing has become the prima donna for business people. At that time, the profits earned by the businessmen reached the figure of 13 billion dollars. Very tantalizing numbers, right?

So, by business people, email marketing is used as an alternative as a marketing medium. In fact, over time, email marketing has become the foundation of business people to target new target markets. Besides, it also provides information intake that can attract customers to make transactions in your store.

Email marketing has a different concept when compared to other marketing media such as social media. The concept in question is that customers cannot comment directly when the information is present in the customer’s email.

Even so, this one marketing strategy is seen as a long-term way to build relationships between business people and customers. Because email marketing is considered the right way to measure customer loyalty.

If the customer is loyal, the customer is always waiting for the latest information from you. In a study conducted by WBR Digital, the opportunity to attract new customers is greater than using other marketing media. If email marketing reaches 81%, others can only hit 51%.

Other studies suggest that email marketing is 40x more effective than relying on social media like Facebook or Twitter. So, to take advantage of it, it takes the right strategy in compiling it.

What are the effective strategies for using email marketing?

1. Know the Customs of Prospective Customers

The first thing you can do when developing a promotional strategy is to know the prospect’s habits. Do customers like complex or simple content? Or do customers need useful content?

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You can only find out after doing a complete in-depth study with the customer. You need to understand how the customer persona is. Besides, look for what customers taste to determine the product you want to buy.

Once you know everything, it’s easy for you to compile email marketing content. So that, when sent, customers are interested in reading the information provided by you.

2. Set Sales Target

Now that you know the habits of your customers, you need to target your business. How many sales targets do you want to achieve? To find out, you need to do some research. In that research, you can take the average. So, you can use the average as a benchmark for sales targets.

Besides, you also need to know email usage data. How often do customers access your marketing email? If you already know, it is easy for you to get sales targets.

3. Customer Category

You already know the customer’s habits. Also, you have set a sales target. So, the next step is that you can sort and select customers. You can categorize by age, gender, or customer domicile.

When you have assigned a category based on these things it is easy for you to provide product information. So, when it fits into the category what happens is an increase in sales figures for your business.

4. Determine the Campaign Type

The fourth strategy is quite crucial. Because you have recognized the previous three steps. The target market is known, sales figures can be estimated so determining the type of campaign is an important part of email marketing.

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Make sure the campaign type you are using fits into the category. Type aside, the time to send out an email is very important. Because to find out how often the email will be opened by customers.

Moreover, email marketing is good enough to determine how big your business brand is.

5. Evaluation

After implementing the four strategies above, what you need to take into account is evaluation. You can find out the evaluation by looking at the targets that have been set. You can look through KPIs or use A / B Testing. Thus, a measure of success can be seen.

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