5 Steps to Become a Dropshipper for Beginners

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5 Steps to Become a Dropshipper for Beginners

5 Steps to Become a Dropshipper for Beginners

One of the most brilliant breakthroughs in the world of online business is the presence of a drop shipper. It is not only able to increase sales but also to attract as many consumers as possible. Interestingly, someone who wanted to become a dropshipper had a double advantage. Minimal risk and minimal capital.

Why did it happen?

First, the drop shipper doesn’t have to bother sending or stocking goods. Because those who distribute the product are still producers. So, it is enough to serve product orders without sending orders.

Second, drop shippers don’t have to bother thinking about capital. After all, the goods are already in the hands of the manufacturer. He only needs to make the difference in selling price from the producer. So, it is minimal to spend to become a drop shipper.

Third, dropshippers are free to sell anywhere and from anywhere. You are currently on campus, office, or shop, you can still serve transactions from consumers. So, you can choose not to be strictly time-bound.

Are you interested in becoming a dropshipper?

If you are a social person, know enough about the world of marketing, and frequently use e-commerce services, then you are a good drop shipper. Remember, for those of you who are still students, a drop shipper is suitable for extra money. Who knows, after becoming a dropshipper, you will have the desire to create your own online business.

Then, what is needed to become a trusted drop-shipper? Check out the following steps carefully and carefully.

1. Product Options

You have to know which product is suitable for your target market. Usually, the easiest way is to know the latest product trends. Because it will be easy to reach new potential customers. Besides, look for products that have a large enough demand for a long period. Because everyone will need these products and change regularly.

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When you are just starting as a drop shipper, try to choose products that don’t have heavy volume. Just light and the important thing is durable. This relates to those of you who are still beginners. When you are skilled and confident it is possible to try products with heavy volumes. The important thing is to be careful in choosing the product.

2. Build Relationships

No matter how good the product you choose, if you don’t build relationships with potential customers, your product will be difficult to sell. Not only build relationships with potential customers but also with producers. However, it is the manufacturer who stores and distributes your ordered items.

Building relationships takes persistence and patience. Both producers and consumers, of course, have their characteristics. When you can manage relationships with both of them, not only will their sales of your business increase but their level of trust in you will also be enhanced.

3. Manage Brands

Choosing and then managing a brand is not that difficult as long as you are consistent and diligent. A brand will quickly be recognized when consumers remember and easily find your brand. An example is a fast-food brand. If consumers want to eat chicken, remember KFC. When consumers want to eat pizza, look for Pizza Hut.

With strong branding, when a manufacturer releases a new product, consumers don’t have to think long enough to immediately buy the product through you. So, a good brand will make a deep impression on consumers. Therefore, manage your brand so that the business grows and the sales level is as you expect.

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4. Try a Giveaway

The habit of consumers in shopping is to look for the cheapest products and if necessary, not to spend money. Therefore, you can use a giveaway strategy.

This strategy is quite effective for finding new followers, introducing your brand and the products you sell. The giveaway strategy is very popular with consumers. Like on Instagram. Usually, consumers are asked to like, follow, share, and comment on the content you upload.

However, don’t overuse the giveaway. Remember your need to sell products is not to give products for free.

5. Create a Website

Is the website important for the dropshipper? Of course quite important. On the website, you can include detailed information on products being sold, product promotions, and various interesting things that you can introduce to consumers. Make your website as attractive as possible so that consumers are interested in browsing it.

Customize the style of the website with the products you choose and also your target market. Thus, consumers do not hesitate to make purchase transactions on your product.

When you already know the steps to become a dropshipper above, your business is ready to move. For your business to grow, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and gives you many options to market your product.