5 Stages of Maximizing Instagram Promotion for Business

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5 Stages of Maximizing Instagram Promotion for Business

5 Stages of Maximizing Instagram Promotion for Business

Currently, Indonesia is the fourth most populous in the world after China, India, and the United States. The number is 272 million people. Of that population, 160 million people actively use social media. One of the five social media used is Instagram.

The tendency of the Indonesian people to see visuals makes Instagram very popular. So, this niche is used in such a way by many groups. One of them is a businessman. With Instagram, they can market their products or services quickly and precisely.

Finally, fellow businessmen are competing to attract more customers. However, for smart business people, they can take better advantage of Instagram. One of them is taking advantage of Instagram promotions. Because not many business people can maximize Instagram promotion.

Therefore, in this article, we discuss how to maximize Instagram promotion quickly and on target. Listen carefully so that you as a businessman can market your products faster.

1. Create a Unique Hashtag

Every account that wants to sell products or services, of course, hopes to get customers soon. To be fast and precise, one way to use hashtags. Suppose you sell baby clothes, the hashtag to use is #babyclothes. Also added is to target certain areas, for example, #jakartababyclothes.

Apart from that, you can create unique hashtags. So that customers can recognize that when they are looking for a product they are focused on your product. Hashtags are a form of Instagram promotion that is useful in any business.

2. Influential Brand or Follower Tags

What you can maximize from Instagram promotion is uploading it either in a post or story. You can add tags to the appropriate product brands and followers with more than 10K.

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This is important so that customers are more interested and confident in your product. Apart from the two tags above, you can also add a location. Usually, business people mark the location i.e. the place where the offline store is located. Location is important because it is easier for customers to find your product.

Even so, pay close attention to uploads. Don’t let the upload just don’t match the brand or follower you choose.

3. Working with Influencers

One of the things that businesses often use in promoting Instagram is influencers. Every influencer has appeal, character, and suitability in the product. Besides, pay attention to the followers the influencer has. Because a little or a lot determines the costs you need to spend.

You can see the effectiveness of influencers in marketing products from the engagement in each upload. The way to find out how well an influencer account is engaged is using phalanx. You can sort then assign influencers.

Almost all successful business accounts usually use influencer services. Consider this to increase sales of your product or service.

4. Take advantage of Instagram Stories

When someone has an Instagram account, they must have used the Instagram Story feature. Because they want to know firsthand what activities have been carried out by the accounts they are participating in. You can maximize your business by using Instagram Stories.

In Instagram Stories, you can use photos or videos. However, in some ways, followers prefer to see videos. There are many features available in Instagram Story. To find out how many videos you watched, you can check in the lower-left corner.

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From there, you can also find out what is attractive to your followers or customers. Then you can determine the right Instagram promotion to reach more customers.

5. Make a Giveaway

What makes customers sure to follow your business account? The presence of the latest products regularly, price promotions, and also giveaways. One form of Instagram promotion that is quite brilliant is using giveaway. This is because the procedure is quite easy but will get many new customers.

The method used is usually enough to like and follow your business account. Then, ask the customer to mention five friends. After that, you can share the uploaded post to the story. It’s easy, right?

This method is effective enough to attract customer attention. So, many business people use this strategy in promoting Instagram.

When you know well, immediately apply the methods above to your business account. For your business to grow, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and provides you with multiple options for marketing your product.