5 Stages in Sales Funnel that You Need to Understand

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5 Stages in Sales Funnel that You Need to Understand

5 Stages in Sales Funnel that You Need to Understand 1

Sales funnel is the process of consumer travel in a marketing series that is visualized in the form of a funnel to find out the number of potential customers who ultimately make a purchase. The sales funnel itself has five stages of screening, namely awareness, discovery, evaluation, intent, and purchase.

The following is an explanation regarding the stages in the sales funnel:

1. Awareness

Awareness is one of the conditions when consumers can recognize and remember a brand, including names, images, logos, and also certain slogans used by a brand. At this stage, you offer a solution to potential customers of the problem or need that they are facing.

For example, some people want to play futsal, but they don’t have futsal shoes yet. Then that person sees your ad selling futsal shoes. The expected scenario is that the person will remember your brand when he buys futsal shoes.

2. Discovery

In this second stage, your customers realize that this is the time to find solutions to the needs that are being faced, and they begin to look for more detailed information related to your product.

The existence of a website is very crucial at this stage, because now people tend to research the internet to find out more about a product. Thus, make your website as attractive as possible accompanied by complete information about your product.

3. Evaluation

The evaluation phase is the stage when consumers begin to narrow their choices to meet their needs. The things that are often considered by consumers in eliminating product choices are price, appearance, and quality. The number of potential customers at this stage may experience a significant decline, but the opportunity to generate sales from consumers who are still considering your product is even greater.

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4. Intent

In this stage, you already have potential customers who are already very serious about making a purchase. Some of these potential customers might contact you to ask for certain information that they can’t find on your website.

The number of potential consumers at this stage also decreased, on the contrary, the opportunity to get sales increased rapidly.

5. Purchase

Consumers have decided which products to buy online at this last stage. They will usually look for the best deals available, be it free postage, discounts, cashback, or others.

Consumers who reach this stage are those who have passed the previous 4 layers in the sales funnel. This is also an opportunity for you to create loyal customers. You do this by providing support or guarantee after purchase, for example, warranty, customer service, 7 days return, and so on. With this service, they might not hesitate to recommend your product to the people closest to them or on their social media.

If we look closely, the number of potential consumers continues to shrink from stage to stage, and this is almost certainly the case. For example, at the awareness stage, the number of potential consumers netted around 100,000 people, the discovery phase of 50,000 people, the evaluation stage of 25 thousand people, the intent phase of 12 thousand people, and the purchase stage of six thousand people.

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