5 sites to check your website loading time

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5 sites to check your website loading time

5 sites to check your website loading time

5 sites to check your website loading time

With web hosting services, you can practically build personal websites and companies. After successfully building the desired website, there are some optimization steps you need to do so that your site can be accessed quickly. While if the optimization step is complete you do, you should check the speed of your website loading. How do you check it? Here are many tools that can be used by all user hosting services.

Free Speed ​​Test

The first tool that can be used to check the speed of the website is a free speed test. By accessing freespeedtest.com, you can see how the loading time is needed, through various data centers spread throughout the world. That way, you can find out how much time is needed to open your website accurately.

Web site optimization

Web hosting users can also use the Web Site Optimization Tools, through the websiteOptimization.com site. Comes with many features, such as Web Pages, Speed ​​Reports, Calculates Total Object Sizes, Global Report, External Files Calculation, Analysis & Recommendations, and Loading Time, lets you be able to find out how much loading time to open your site, and how to improve Performance.

Rapid Search Metrics.

Furthermore, users of hosting services can use Rapid Search Metrics Tools through the site Rapid.searchmetrics.com. With these tools, you can use the Speed ​​Analysis feature and Estimates loading time to analyze the speed of the website performance. In addition, this site can also be used to analyze SEO needs.

Pingdom Tools.

There are also Pingdom Tools that you can also use to check the website loading with a website very effectively. The site that can be accessed via Tools.pingdom.com can display loading time from each element on your websites, such as CSS elements, HTML, Pictures, JS, and more.

GT Metrix

GT Metrix is ​​a tool that uses a valuation system and gives you a warning if they find something that can be fixed on your website to speed up loading time. By just entering your website name, you can immediately see the Summary of the work performance of your website.

The five sites mentioned above you can use to check the loading speed of the website. If you have known how the performance of your website is, you can also do many optimizations through web hosting used, so that the site’s performance becomes increasingly prime, as you wish.

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