5 SEO Tips by Leveraging Visual Content for Your Blog Posts

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5 SEO Tips by Leveraging Visual Content for Your Blog Posts

5 SEO Tips by Leveraging Visual Content for Your Blog Posts

Using visual content in a blog post has become a widely used SEO tip. It is not surprising, because blog posts that contain visual content will look more attractive to read.

How about you? Are you making good use of visual content in your blog posts?

Here are 5 SEO tips for leveraging visual content for your blog posts.

Create Original Image

The image referred to here can be in two forms, namely images produced from the photographic process (photos) and images made from the graphic design process.

Can’t design? Not a problem. Today there are many platforms that you can use to easily create images, one of which is Canva.

Canva provides various features that can make it easier for you to create images. The only thing you need is creativity in using all the available features. Canva also has tons of templates that you can use, from book covers, CD covers, CVs, logos, and many more.

Using Royalty-Free Photos

Creating images manually, whether through photography or design, takes time, and not everyone is willing to spend the time on this activity. What is the solution? Use royalty-free photos.

Royalty-free photos are photos that can be used freely without having to pay a certain amount of money or write a creative common (cc) for the right to use, aka cc 0 (zero).

Some websites that provide royalty-free photos include Unsplash, Freepik, Pixabay, and many more.

Making Infographics

Infographics generally contain data or brief facts with an attractive visual appearance. In addition to reducing audience boredom when reading content, infographics are also very helpful for the audience to absorb information more quickly. This is perfect for the type of audience who wants to get information fast without reading the details.

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Add Screenshot

When you are creating technical content or tutorials, it is better if you display the screenshots according to what you are describing. The goal is to make it easier for the audience to understand the steps outlined.

Keep in mind, the appearance of a website or application may change over time, so make sure you keep updating the attached screenshots to keep them relevant and not confusing your audience.

Enter Meme

Memes are generally created to entertain or offend certain behaviors in society. With memes, your content will look fresher and more lively, so it can eliminate audience boredom when reading your content.

Make sure not to use memes that contain racial elements, because reputation is what you are at stake.

Using Video

The last SEO tip is to use video in your posts. Video is one of the types of visual content with the most potential to go viral, so you should put this to good use. In a post, video greatly affects the duration of the audience when on your website page.

Using videos should not be arbitrary. It is not recommended that you upload videos directly to WordPress because it can overwhelm your website. This will only make your website slower, and in the end, will decrease your SEO performance.

The solution? Use the embed feature. This feature allows videos that have been uploaded on video sharing sites (for example YouTube) to appear on your website via a special link or code. This way, your website will not be burdened because the video file will be stored on YouTube servers.

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