5 Reasons Why The Marketing Mix Is Very Important For Your Business

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5 Reasons Why The Marketing Mix Is Very Important For Your Business

5 Reasons Why The Marketing Mix Is Very Important For Your Business

The marketing mix or also known as the marketing mix is ​​any marketing effort that combines several components into one unit so that you can market your product to the right person, at the right time, and in the right place.

The components of the marketing mix consist of the 4Ps – product, promotion, price, and place which are generally used to market products. Meanwhile, there are other 3Ps – people, process, and physical evidence which are also often used (complementing the previous 4Ps) when marketing a service.

The following five reasons will explain why the marketing mix is ​​very important for your business.

1. Help You Create a Strong Marketing Mix

All the P elements in your marketing mix must be compatible with each other. Price must be compatible with Product, Product must be compatible with Promotion, and so on. Put simply, all the P elements in the marketing mix must be tied together.

As a result, when you create a marketing mix, it will become a strong chain link, and these bonds will guide you through making a longer chain.

Whenever you are going to add a new feature or change something that already exists, you need to look at the whole picture. This will create a strong marketing mix for your product.

2. Marketing Mix Can Help Product Development

When you are trying to develop an existing product, there is a chance that you will get new ideas for related products, and finally, you decide to create a new product variant with different elements of the marketing mix.

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The marketing mix can also help provide new ideas when you are developing a completely new product.

3. As a Guide to Growing Your Business

Physical Evidence is one of the important “P’s” in the marketing mix for a service. If a restaurant or interior design service provider realizes this, they will naturally increase the Physical Evidence of their business so they can bring in more profits.

People and Processes are also important for companies. Optimizing both of them can have an impact on improving overall company performance. Therefore, the marketing mix is ​​an excellent guide if you are looking to grow your business.

4. Assist in Differentiating Your Business

When you analyze the marketing mix of competitors, there are many differences that you can find. Your competitors may have bad promotions, and by analyzing them, you can create better promotions for your product.

Competitors may also have bad products, or bad processes, or wrong people. You can take lessons from here, and improve what you have. This gives you a better marketing mix, so that you have a competitive edge in the market.

5. Helping You Be More Dynamic

A company that is well prepared will be much better prepared when it comes to “disaster”. When you experience bad business conditions, you must be prepared to respond quickly and precisely.

These kinds of situations require that you be dynamic so you must understand all the elements of the marketing mix (4P + 3P).

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