5 Reasons Why Buying Instagram Likes Harms Your Business

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5 Reasons Why Buying Instagram Likes Harms Your Business

5 Reasons Why Buying Instagram Likes Harms Your Business 1

Instagram likes, comments, follows, views, or whatever they are called, are part of the aspects of engagement or interaction on Instagram. Engagement can be a parameter of how well your Instagram account is performing, the higher the engagement, the better, and vice versa.

The problem is, to get high engagement is not an easy matter. Many things must be managed well, starting from the quality of the content, posting schedule, type of content, brand image, and many more. Some of these factors that ultimately make many brands choose the instant way, namely buying engagement (likes, comments, follows, etc.) to compete with competitors who have higher engagement.

However, increasing the amount of engagement using bots can hurt your business, and only waste your time and money. Why? Because playing with the system will reduce your engagement (real-human) and destroy your business reputation in the eyes of potential followers or even potential customers. Here are a few reasons:

1. Make Your Business Look Doubtful

If many audiences realize that you are using a bot, many potential customers or potential customers will leave your brand because they think your brand is doubtful. Remember, your audience will probably tell the people closest to them about what you are doing. This means that your reputation is at stake.

Think about this: If you don’t trust your brand yourself, why should others do it?

2. Get Sanctions from Instagram

If Instagram finds that you are using a bot, the bot will be removed from your post. If you do this many times, your Instagram account might be permanently blocked or banned, and you won’t be able to use the same username to create a new account.

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In more serious cases, Instagram may limit your IP address to access the Instagram application or website. This means you won’t be able to access Instagram on devices whose IP addresses have been blocked.

3. Fake Engagement Does Not Represent Real Condition

No matter how many Instagram likes you get, engagement from bots is not the true condition of your business, and will not produce any results.

Indeed, with this bot, your brand seems to look more popular. But you need to understand that bots are not like real people. Engagement from a bot or programming code will never be able to buy any product that you sell, or become your brand advocates.

4. Instagram Always Updating Algorithms

Since November 2018, Instagram has started removing likes, followers, and comments from third party accounts. This step follows in the footsteps of several other large social media such as Facebook and Twitter that cleanup tens of millions of fake accounts. Instagram began to ban paid likes and followers and began using artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor bot interactions to restore the trust of users and advertisers.

5. Exposed by your competitors or audience

Your audience or competitors may be aware of what you are doing, and use this condition to bring down your brand. The following aspects may be considered:

  • If the ratio of likes and followers in your post is considered too high, or you have a disproportionate number of likes and comments.
  • If an account that likes your posts has a profile that shows minimal activity
  • If the service provider account likes to follow your account. This is a big disaster, because they openly sell likes on Instagram, even on their profile.
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Thus the discussion of 5 reasons why Instagram likes harm your business. After reading the reviews above, you should undo your intention to use the services of fake likes, because it will harm your business.

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