5 Professionals’ MSME Marketing Strategies You Deserve to Try

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5 Professionals MSME Marketing Strategies You Deserve to Try 1

5 Professionals’ MSME Marketing Strategies You Deserve to Try

5 Professionals MSME Marketing Strategies You Deserve to Try 1

With a small budget and limited time, MSMEs or small-scale businesses often find it difficult to stand out in their business competition. However, with a little innovation and creative thinking, the folks below have come up with some pretty inspiring ways to market their business.

Here are 5 MSME marketing strategies from professionals that you deserve to try:

1. Provide Sample Products For Free

You may need to give potential customers free product samples. Giving out free samples doesn’t mean giving away a whole product. Furniture companies, for example, they don’t need to provide a free sofa to see if consumers like it. The free sample of fabric (used on the sofa) is enough to give you the full picture, so you won’t suffer a loss when the customer doesn’t make a purchase. Likewise, if you provide a service, you can offer free trials to consumers or clients to give them an experience of how useful your service is for their lives or business.

2. Update Your Content

Recycle and use your old content to increase your return on investment (ROI). The way to recycle for example is by updating popular old posts. For example, take one of your most popular posts from 2018 or 2019, update the post with new and relevant information, then republish. You can also reuse content by posting the same content in a different format. For example, article content that is reproduced in a podcast with the same information content.

3. Guest Post for Publication

Depending on the type of business, writing articles for local, national mass media, or business publications (online or offline) is a great way to increase awareness, as well as make you the leader in the minds of the audience. The mass media are hungry for content these days, and are often eager to accept content contributions. In fact, the mass media as big as Forbes, Huffington Post, and others regularly use contributors.

4. Design Effective Conversion Funnels

One way is to design your funnels around an awareness, education, evaluation, and retention framework. The top of the conversion funnel should focus on your target market’s biggest problems, and direct them to educational content that positions you as an industry expert. This will give you an advantage when your prospect reaches the next stage of the decision-making process, namely evaluating the right product to buy. To retain customers successfully, you need to present relevant educational content and provide excellent customer service. If you lose any of these elements, you may end up losing a customer (funnel leak).

5. Cooperating with Micro-Influencers

In recent years, marketing has focused more on macro-influencers – people who have hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. However, this type of marketing is much more expensive and less effective at generating high engagement. Meanwhile, micro-influencers (those who have 1,000-50,000 followers on social media) have very loyal followers and a much higher level of engagement than macro-influencers.

With these advantages, micro-influencers are also much cheaper to work with. You can partner with them anywhere from $ 50 to $ 500 per promotion, depending on what kind of promotion you want. With a high level of engagement, it means that there will be many people who comment, like, and share the influencer’s posts.

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