5 Product Marketing Strategies that can Attract Customers

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5 Product Marketing Strategies that can Attract Customers

5 Product Marketing Strategies that can Attract Customers

Almost every company always puts product marketing as the most important part. Because of marketing, the company’s performance will be determined. To run a product marketing to achieve the company’s target, usually a marketing strategy will be made.

Marketing strategy is a way for companies to introduce their products more widely to the public. Lots of marketing strategies that can be applied by each company. The intended marketing strategies include the following.

1. Through Utilization of Social Media

In the current millennial era, every company must agree that social media plays a role as a powerful marketing tool. Because almost every circle of Indonesian society is very active in using it. Through social media, companies can connect and interact widely with various audiences.

Besides, the costs incurred are also relatively cheap when compared to other marketing media with fairly promising results. The social media marketing strategy also allows companies to choose segments that are suitable for the product to be marketed. So the products offered ultimately have a high chance of sales. Currently, social media that is still popular among the public are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2. Promoting or Providing Products for Free

Promotional strategies through offering free products are still considered the most successful methods. Because, which society does not want a product that is given away for free? Another reason for this strategy is that people may not have purchased a product because they do not feel the need to use it. So that when they get the product through a free product offer, they will try and allow a purchase to occur afterward.

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Each company can offer its products through the selection of an event or the right event. The offer can also be done on a personal approach or product banding to prospective buyers. If the company’s products are in the form of services or digital media, then the company can offer a free trial, so that it can attract potential customers by knowing more about the products offered.

3. Determine Strategic Locations

Another important part of product marketing is the strategic location. The location in question is the location for the sale of your product. The existence of your product when placed in a strategic location allows it to be more visible to your potential customers. So that encouraging them to make purchases and sales can increase, rather than you placing the product in a less strategic location.

How can you know if a location can be said to be strategic or not, that is, you have to analyze the target market to adjust to the product you have. So you can easily and effectively reach your target market. For example, if the product you are selling is stationery and such, you can choose a location around your school or other educational institution. This allows the products you sell to be more easily found and meet the needs of your prospective buyers.

4. Offering Incentives For Recommendations

A product can be considered quality if it gets high trust from the community. This can be obtained if your product recommends it. To get testimonials or recommendations from your buyers who have used the product, you can give an appreciation or reward in the form of incentives. This form of appreciation does not have to always be in the form of money, but can be in the form of a gift or discount product. Through the offer of incentives that you will provide, you indirectly have gotten two target markets at once, namely your loyal customers, and potential buyers who see product testimonials.

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5. Your Company Must Establish a Good Relationship with Customers

Loyal customers are an important part of your company. Because they repeatedly buy your product. This means that the regular income you get is inseparable from the loyalty of your customers. In order not to lose buyers amid many market competitors, then what you can do is give appreciation or appreciation to customers. The award can be in the form of fulfilling their input and suggestions or sending gifts to them because they have subscribed. Including presenting appropriate and responsive Customer Service, an easy-to-understand UI, etc.

When your product marketing strategy has been run according to plan, then it should be accompanied by advertisements that can make it easier for your customers to find your product. One of them you can advertise through Froggy Ads so you can reach more of your customers to the maximum.