5 Phases in the Customer Journey Every Businessman Should Know About

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5 Phases in the Customer Journey Every Businessman Should Know About

5 Phases in the Customer Journey Every Businessman Should Know About

Many businesses continue to operate daily without really understanding what their customers want and need.

A customer journey map can be a very useful tool to help maximize your relationship with consumers. This is so that you can improve product quality, improve business processes, and focus your marketing.

What is the Customer Journey Map?

The customer journey map is a diagram that illustrates the various steps your customers take to be able to buy your product. Starting from the first time they get to know your product to their experience after buying your product.

Phases in the Customer Journey

In general, the customer journey has 5 phases, namely:

1. Awareness

This phase begins when consumers first find out and learn about your product or service (this is the result of your marketing process). They may have awareness about your brand across various marketing channels, such as:

  • Your website
  • Social media
  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletter
  • Blog
  • YouTube
  • Word of Mouth

2. Consideration

In this phase, consumers are getting general information about your business (and possibly other businesses that offer similar products to yours). This is the main reason why you must have an online presence, even if it is only a simple business website that has basic information such as:

  • Business address (if applicable)
  • Working hours
  • Contact information
  • Product offering

Consumers are looking for businesses that can meet their specific needs. So, regardless of type and industry, your business should be easy to find in online searches. Apart from that, your contact information should also be available.

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Another factor that is no less important regarding online presence is a location-based search. For example, suppose someone is walking and wants to go to the nearest coffee shop from their location. Then your coffee shop should be visible on an online map like Google Maps. (For this to happen, you need to register your coffee shop on Google My Business.

3. Research

After searching online and finding a business that provides the products/services needed, the next step in the customer journey is to do more in-depth research on the selected business. This is usually done online via:

  • Google Reviews, TripAdvisor (for traveler), Better Business Bureau, etc.
  • Feedback on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Word of mouth online and offline.

When reading reviews or getting recommendations, the priorities highlighted by consumers may vary depending on the product or service they need.

For example, consumers who search about general products will be more concerned with price. Consumers looking for a place to eat, hotels, or vehicle services, price may be one of the many considerations. Meanwhile, consumers who shop online may be more concerned with shipping costs and potential delays in product receipt.

4. Purchase

After you’ve found the right business, read lots of reviews, and compared other products or services of its kind, it’s time to make a purchase. The buying process can take place in several ways:

  • Online – for products that can be purchased or ordered online.
  • In-person – for those who need immediate access to a product or service.
  • By telephone – when ordering a product by telephone for delivery.
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5. Reviews

The review process occurs after consumers accept and use the product. If possible, ask your customers to provide reviews about your product. This process is carried out through the same method as in the third phase, namely:

  • Online review
  • Social media
  • Word of mouth

Consumer reviews are very important to the success of your business. If you get negative reviews, this needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively so that the negative reviews don’t spread. Besides, consumers can also see your good intention to correct or provide further explanation regarding the problem they are having.

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