5 Omni Channel Functions You Can Use in Business

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5 Omni Channel Functions You Can Use in Business

5 Omni Channel Functions You Can Use in Business

Doing business cannot depend on offline stores at all. As is currently happening in Indonesia. The atmosphere of the pandemic has changed everything. Like it or not, businesses are turning to the online world. However, there are still customers who want to visit offline stores. Therefore, to provide a middle ground, you need to use an omnichannel strategy. A strategy that combines online and offline methods.

When a customer visits an online store, the customer can still see the size of the product, the price, and the type of product. However, there are still customers who feel less satisfied if they haven’t touched or tried the product. So, to get around this, Omni channels can make your promotions easier. The combination of both online and offline will be useful for the development of your business.

Promotion about Offline Locations

Many customers feel that when they haven’t touched a product, they don’t make a transaction. This has been experienced by many business people. Therefore, it’s a good idea when customers view your product catalog, customers can also be directed to an offline location. Who knows, customers can add orders. Thus, the possibility of returning the product will be very small if the customer comes to an offline location.

Online to Offline system

What you need to know is that customers are not accustomed to online activities. Therefore, in choosing a delivery service, sometimes they choose cash on delivery (COD). They want face-to-face meetings. Because, sometimes if you use a shipping or logistics service, the product you receive is not completely wrapped. Although, not to the point of being damaged, there is still a lack of satisfaction.

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Product Information in Offline Stores

Sometimes, customers need certainty whether the product they want is available or not. This certainty has appeared on your online store website. However, the customer’s name will certainly be dissatisfied if they don’t see it with their own eyes. So, you need to inform that in offline stores, you also provide these products. This is one of the best omnichannel strategies that you can apply.

Enable Geolocation

Perhaps, you think geolocation has no impact on your business. Then, you just focus on application development. Geolocation can be a good means of increasing business sales. From geolocation, you can direct customers to the nearest offline store. Besides, you can also find out how many visitors there are and what products attract the most attention of customers.

Customer Reviews from Offline Stores

If a customer is in an online shop, they will fill out the form provided or leave a comment after transacting. So, if the customer is in an offline store, you can direct them to fill out the form available at the checkout. Or it could be that you make a video as an impression of a customer message when buying products in an offline store. This strategy is considered effective and ideal for Omni channels.

This is the benefit of using an omnichannel. If you still find it difficult to operate an online shop, you can use Circle to guide the running of the online shop. For your business to grow and increase the amount of your customers, do not forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you’ll start by advertising your products so that later you’ll increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is a web advertising service which will assist you control all of your product campaigns. helps you target your required marketing target and provides you a great many options to plug your product.

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