5 List of Good Online Buying and Selling Sites for Business

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5 List of Good Online Buying and Selling Sites for Business

5 List of Good Online Buying and Selling Sites for Business

Since online buying and selling sites emerged and increasingly, people no longer shop at offline stores. They simply surf using their devices, sort out the products they need and then choose the products.

Next, the transaction process begins. They simply choose the payment method they want. On online buying and selling sites, they usually provide various options ranging from credit cards, virtual accounts, or payment through retail outlets.

Then, you will feel relieved and comfortable in the transaction. In this article, there will be an explanation of which online buying and selling sites have been trusted. You need to pay close attention and care.

5 Online Buying and Selling Sites

Some of the sites below it seems that you already know. However, make no mistake that every online buying and selling site has its advantages. Here’s the list.


Shopee is an online buying and selling site that is quite popular in today’s society. The color orange is quite easy for consumers to remember. Besides, Shopee’s luxury is the presence of free shipping. The products presented are quite complete. Starting from electronic equipment, cosmetics, books, baby equipment to frozen food.

Apart from free shipping, hefty discounts are a hallmark of Shopee. So it is not surprising that Shopee is said to be the number one online buying and selling site in Indonesia.


The name Bukalapak is very easy for Indonesian consumers to remember. Because, from the word open, it makes these customers access the site. Then added with the word lapak which means that there are indeed many products available on the site.

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With a customer to customer service system, Bukalapak can provide a variety of products ranging from wet products to dry products. Starting from baby clothes to cooking utensils. The owner has chosen a maroon color so that it is easy for customers to remember.


One of the popular online buying and selling sites is Tokopedia. If you are a YouTube connoisseur, there will be many YouTubers and artists endorsed by Tokopedia. What he did was a way to attract the attention of potential customers. Because, usually if it is raised continuously, potential customers will be interested and try to make transactions.

With green color, Tokopedia intends to offer freshness to customers. Since 2015, Tokopedia’s commitment has been to provide a forum for anyone who wants to sell, especially Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Therefore, to make this happen, access to Tokopedia is available for free or not paid.


This is a fairly large e-commerce service in Indonesia. The concept is made like a mall. So, for anyone who visits it, it is like taking a walk in the mall. The only difference is that consumers walk through a laptop, computer, or device screen. Since its establishment in 2010, Blibli has tried to provide the best possible place for both sellers and consumers.

Blibli is a subsidiary of Djarum. Then cooperate with various parties ranging from logistics to banks. It is not uncommon for Blibli to become a sponsor of a sport. With its distinctive blue color, it seems that Blibli will be a tough competitor for similar online buying and selling sites.


Since 2012, Lazada has been present in Indonesia to enliven online buying and selling. Products that can be obtained by consumers come with a variety of products. Starting from women’s clothing to home interiors. Also, sports equipment and automotive products. Many choices make many loyal customers at Lazada.

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Lazada is not only in Indonesia but also in neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. Lazada is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Until now, Lazada is still an attraction for online sellers.

The five sites above are online buying and selling sites that are quite popular in Indonesian society. So it is not surprising that business people take the opportunity to place products on these sites.

The future of online trading sites

Of course, selling online on trading sites owned by platforms such as Tokopedia and Shopee has its advantages. However, if you want to build your online store, use a platform like Shopify so you can easily create a website.

You also don’t need to be confused about providing payment options for customers. Integrate your online store with several online payment systems, you can accept payments via e-wallets, virtual accounts (bank transfers), credit/debit cards, retail outlets, and installments without credit/debit cards.

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