5 Effective Growth Hacking Tools to Help Business Development

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5 Effective Growth Hacking Tools to Help Business Development

5 Effective Growth Hacking Tools to Help Business Development

For the growth hacking strategy to be implemented more efficiently, several tools are needed to support it.

Growth hacking itself is a marketing strategy that can help start-ups to develop quickly.

That is why quite many startup companies have started implementing this strategy so that their business can grow rapidly.

Combining marketing, data, and technology is the reason why a growth hacking strategy can help businesses grow faster.

Next, FroggyAds summarizes what growth hacking tools you can try to use.

1. Ahrefs

For content writers, maybe Ahrefs is known as a fairly accurate tool for keyword research.

However, Ahrefs can also be used for other things, for example for competitor research.

Through this one tool, you can find out what makes competitor websites rank high on Google searches.

Then, he will provide an overview of how these competitors build their backlinks.

So, if you want your business website to be ranked high, of course, you can learn it from competitors.

Then, look for their gaps or shortcomings to make it an opportunity to surpass them.

2. Mailchimp

The growth hacking tool that you should know next is Mailchimp. Surely you’ve heard of this one tool, right?

Mailchimp is one of the most popular and preferred email marketing tools by marketers.

The reason is, this tool has many advanced features which are certainly useful for the email marketing process.

Some of the advantages possessed by Mailchimp include being able to send targeted emails based on user activity on the website.

3. Nimble

One way to make your business grow faster is to have a good relationship with your customers so they can be loyal.

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That is why a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool is needed that can connect businesses with customers more easily.

One of the growth hacking tools that can help run a CRM strategy effectively is Nimble.

Through this tool, you can combine all your contacts, emails, social activities, and follow-ups that can help grow your business.

Some of the advantages possessed by Nimble, for example, can manage multiple contacts at once on various channels.

Then this tool also provides notifications about important customer events such as birthdays.

Besides, marketers will also get recommended delivery times that are most appropriate and based on previous email performance.

4. OptiMonk

Every businessman wants their website to always have high traffic. However, unfortunately, these visitors often just come and go straight away.

Most of them won’t come back again and so won’t convert. Of course, it will not be profitable for business.

That is why we need a tool that can prevent website visitors from just leaving. Even if they don’t convert, at least they can subscribe to our newsletter.

Using OptiMonk can be a solution so that visitors can return to our website and make purchases.

This retargeting tool will help businesses to bring back visitors to our website.

So when visitors leave the website, these tools will help provide attractive offers that target them to return.

OptiMonk can integrate two very important pieces of information. First, the page that visitors see when visiting the website. Then, their referral source like Google or Facebook.

So, this tool can send highly relevant offers to users who have visited the website.

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5. Typeform

The next growth hacking tool you should try is Typeform. The reason is, currently, online surveys are very important to get feedback from customers.

Typeform can be used to create beautiful, fun, and interactive online surveys.

Customer feedback is very important because it can be a reference for developing products or trying out the latest business strategies.

However, unfortunately, not all customers want to give their feedback when they get the form for online surveys.

Now, using Typeform can make customers feel comfortable when filling out surveys because of its attractive appearance.

The feedback results from the online survey will also be integrated so that they can be easily analyzed.

In addition to creating surveys, Typeform can also be used to create interactive content such as quizzes that can increase website visitor engagement.

Those are some growth hacking tools that can be used to improve business performance.

For a business to grow quickly, it requires sophisticated tools.

However, don’t forget the qualified skills of employees are also needed to support them.

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