5 CPM Ad Network Recommendations For Your Blog

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5 CPM Ad Network Recommendations For Your Blog

5 CPM Ad Network Recommendations For Your Blog

CPM or Cost Per Mille is a service for placing advertisements for Publishers on a Publisher’s blog or website. Where the Publisher will get a commission of $ 1 to $ 5 or more for every 1,000 times the ad is displayed on the web. By simply placing ad banners on Publisher blogs, you can already get coffers of money.

Because the way it works is relatively easy, it’s no wonder that many bloggers are eyeing this kind of affiliate marketing. Well, for those of you who want to join CPM Marketing, you can get it on various official sites and companies specifically affiliate. Here are the 5 best CPM ad networks that are recommended:


Adsterra itself is a company engaged in online marketing, including CPM. Although not much different from other companies or sites that provide collaboration for CPM Marketing, Adsterra has easier and simpler entry requirements.

Here are some ways to register as a Publisher on one of the 5 best CPM ad networks:

  • After entering the Adsterra page on Adsterra.com, then enter the Add Tags navigation menu and click Add Domain
  • Then, enter your web or blog domain name in the new domain column
  • Then checklist one or more ad sizes and types that you want
  • After that, click request approve
  • Your membership approval information will be emailed within 1-3 days of your registration
  • Once approved, enter the ad code on your blog or website

Besides being easy on registration, for the commission, you take it 1-2 once depending on your payout. While the minimum requirement for taking payout is $ 100.

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The company engaged in the field of online ad serving is one of the 5 best CPM ad networks established in 2011 in the UK. Propellerads.com also provides CPA and CPM marketing systems for Advertisers and Publishers.

Indonesian publishers may already be familiar with this famous site. With easy terms and high income with up to 100% fill, don’t be surprised if many advertisers and publishers join the Propellerads.com.

Well, for those of you who want to work with Propellerads.com to become a publisher, you can do the following stages of registration:

  • First open the Propellerads.com home page
  • Then, fill out the form at the bottom right, by filling in your email address, Skype ID, and your website or blog address
  • After all filled in, click the “Start Now” button, then choose the type of ad you want


The other 5 best CPM ad networks are Media.net. The site that also provides CPM marketing services also seems to be quite familiar in Indonesia. besides the terms are easy, the payment is also not much different from other provider sites.

For payment, you can take it with your minimum payout amount of $ 500.


The next 5 best CPM ad networks are AdMaven, a Pop Under Pop Up site that has been moving as an online advertising provider since 16 years ago. With his already high experience, Admaven can also accept various types of site categories, even blogs with the least amount of visitor traffic.

The advantage of joining Admaven is the availability of features to block the Ad-Block extension or can bypass it, so you can get 25% more income than usual.

In addition to providing various types of advertising methods, such as CPA and CPM, one of the 5 best CPM ad network networks also provides many features in them, namely:

  • Bypas all Software and other Ad-Block ad extensions
  • Approve various site categories
  • Submitting the site is easier
  • ECPM Optimization
  • The number of site visitors is not limited
  • More detailed statistics, and much more

With the 30 basis method, payment from Admaven aside from having to be above $ 50, can also only be taken once a month with transactions via Bank transfer, Paypal, and others.

Scams are often a problem for bloggers, so it is not surprising if anyone asks, whether as the 5 best CPM ad networks, Admaven is a scam ad network or not?

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Yes, of course, Admaven is not one of the scam advertising sites. That is because Admaven has served more than 15 billion views every month, more than 80 partnership networks worldwide, and 87,200 page views every day.


The next 5 best CPM ad networks are Adreactor, a site similar to other CPM Marketing service provider sites. For those of you who want to join as a Publisher, you should meet the following requirements:

  • Interesting and unique content, and certainly not plagiarism content
  • Have a blog traffic of at least 100 thousand impressions for each month, or about 3,300 per day
  • Blog design that is professional and easy for visitors to understand
  • Have a high quality domain name

In addition to the requirements, Adreactor as one of the 5 best CPM ad networks also has several restrictions for its publishers. The following are:

  • Your website or blog does not contain illegal, violent, suggestive and pornographic content, as well as deceptive content
  • Do not place excessive ads on the blog
  • Telling visitors to click
  • The ad ranking is in the bottom line

For payments, like Admaven, Adreactor also applies the 30 basis method. With a minimum payout amount of $ 50 and a maximum of $ 500, you can pick it up with a transaction using Paypal.

How? Interested in trying one of the 5 best CPM ad networks above for your business? Choose one or more of these networks that suit your website and your needs.