5 Causes of Marketing Strategies on Instagram Story Fail

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5 Causes of Marketing Strategies on Instagram Story Fail

5 Causes of Marketing Strategies on Instagram Story Fail 1

Social media has become a new platform in the world of marketing for more than a decade. This media is the top choice of marketers in the medium to corporate industries. Because, people easily access it, low costs, and have a large number of users. Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media and widely used by marketers. This is caused by various factors, one of which is a feature that strongly supports promotional activities such as the Instagram story.

Utilization of the Instagram story feature is considered very beneficial for the success of digital marketing. However, despite this statement, there are still many advertisers who have not gotten the most out of it despite using the Insta Story feature. This can happen because you do not understand the errors that might occur while running Instagram story promotions.

As in the Social Sprout page it has summarized the mistakes made by the user Insta story, so that it causes less than maximum results. That’s why often install stories don’t get a response from the audience. The following explanation is about the causes of marketing strategies on Instagram story fail.

1. Photos or Videos Posted Less Interesting

Instagram’s popularity has now offered great opportunities to brand owners, especially by relying on visual products and services as a whole that are sold to customers. Simply put, you need to be able to display the best angle of a photo or video so that the insta story draws the attention of the audience. To support this need you need to recruit professional designers in their fields. Because to advertise through Instagram you need creative human resources as content providers.

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2. You Are Not Including Captions to Support Messages

The text serves to confirm the visual message to be conveyed to prospective customers. Insta stories, which are mostly accessed via mobile phones, make the audience provide a long enough time to view story content from anywhere and at any time. So, if you only display audio it will be less precise. Because the essence of the story is to present a complete story in a limited time. Besides, promotional or advertising content will be easier to read and understand if accompanied by text.

3. Making Stories Too Striking

Creating content that contains promotions explicitly is not recommended in marketing strategies through insta story. Highlighting promotional elements is necessary, but not too flashy. In making this Instagram story, it will be more suitable to be filled with fun content.

4. Story Content Too Stiff

Based on data related to social media marketing, it is said that the demographics of Instagram users are occupied by 59% of children aged 18-29 years. While only 18% of users are in the age range of 50-64 years.

From the data that shows the number of users at a young age, then you should avoid creating monotonous or boring content. Create content that is aligned with the brand with the best visualization supported, so it’s not boring. Besides, you can test some content and measure which works best.

5. Story Does Not Contain Interesting Stories

As the name implies, the Insta Story feature is presented to provide an interesting story to your target. So, if the story you present does not contain an interesting story, then the audience will not be interested to pay attention to your feed. If you want to bring in a potential audience organically, then you have to give more valuable stories and connect to the following content.

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To present a good story, you can first create a storyboard into your Instagram story. Through the storyboard, you will be helped to present the story thoroughly with planned themes, goals, and objectives.

That’s the explanation of the cause of failure of the Instagram story marketing strategy. By knowing the cause of this failure, you can avoid the occurrence of mistakes that can make the results of the promotion is not optimal. This way you can present content that will attract potential customers to make a purchase.

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