5 best browser recommendations for the most comfortable browsing

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5 best browser recommendations for the most comfortable browsing

5 best browser recommendations for the most comfortable browsing

Surfing in cyberspace is one of the most preferred activities today. Usually, when you want to surf in cyberspace, you want to use the best browser.

The browser is the most important program to open the Internet. You need a browser to open the various websites you want. Focusing on the browser on a PC, there are many browsers available today, but actually where is the best browser that is convenient to use for browsing?

The best web browser recommendation in 2021

Here is the best browser recommendation that can make your experience on your internet more comfortable.

Google Chrome.

Chrome is the most widely used browser throughout the world with abundant add-on collections.

Synchronization support between devices can also make it easier for you to access all search data on different devices without having to synchronize it manually.

Besides that Chrome also has a very sophisticated security feature. This browser has dangerous database content and blocks user access, so you will be more protected from viruses and malware.

Mozilla Firefox

This browser legend is born before Chrome created Google. Mozilla Firefox has a more crowded appearance than Chrome and can be installed by various extensions that help you surf in cyberspace.

The features available in Mozilla Firefox such as Reading Mode and PDF Reader are their advantages. Chrome’s toughest opponent in winning the best browser title is Mozilla Firefox.


The browser identical to usage for this smartphone also has an interesting PC browser to try. Just like Chrome, Opera has a minimalist look and has a difference in the sidebar. If the browser is at the top of your screen, Opera has a sidebar to the right of the screen.

Besides, Opera also has a turbo mode that makes you faster in opening a website page when the internet you use is slow and makes you too long in opening a website page.

Microsoft Edge

Edge is an updated version of Microsoft’s obsolete browser, Internet Explorer.

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Microsoft EDGE is blocked using Chromium, an open-source project that is also the basis of Google Chrome development. That is, most of the features you can use on Google Chrome, you will also get on EDGE.

There are lots of customization choices and security features and privacy that you get from EDGE. Even Edge is also rumored to have better performance than Chrome.


Vivaldi is one browser that is not too well known to many people. Understandably, this browser was only released in 2017.

Despite counting as a new player, Vivaldi tried to provide different features compared to its competitors who had already emerged. Starting from the tab feature that you can put on the left side, right, up or down according to the wishes, taking an easy screenshot and tab group.


The browser is one of the vital applications in our current life centered on the internet. Therefore, the selection of browsers must be adjusted to personal tastes, including the features you want from a browser.

But don’t forget security for the imaging of complete features. With all current activities that can be done online, you must be very careful in choosing the application so that your face is not stolen and misused.

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