5 Benefits of Digital Payment for MSMEs so that Businesses Develop

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5 Benefits of Digital Payment for MSMEs so that Businesses Develop

5 Benefits of Digital Payment for MSMEs so that Businesses Develop

Did you know that 54.68 percent of the total population of Indonesia are internet users? This data was released by KomInfo in 2018. In this report, the user age category according to MenKomInfo: 13-18 years old (16.68%), 19 – 34 years old (49.52%), 35 – 54 (29, 55%), and those aged more than 54 years (4.24%). The rapid use of the internet in Indonesian society is directly proportional to the rapid use of digital payments in transactions.

The digital payment movement is supported by the government considering that one of the major benefits the government gets is reducing the cost burden of making currency or physical currency. This digital payment is also encouraged by the government in MSMEs. The government is targeting 8 million MSMEs to go digital. Digital payment for transactions encourages MSMEs to penetrate a wider market with various kinds of facilities and convenience with the internet.

Here are some of the benefits of MSMEs in utilizing digital payments in business.

1. Flexible

Technology that offers flexibility to attract customers to make transactions easily anytime and anywhere. With digital payments, even more MSMEs reach customers. Especially if the payment can use various methods. Of course, this is the most enjoyable thing for the customer.

2. Solution

The era demands the development of technology to be easier. In business, technology comes in with a variety of innovations. One of them is the payment method. Customers no longer bother to queue at the bank to make transactions, they simply do it at home. What’s even nicer is that you no longer need to save cash. This is because digital payments are more paperless.

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Because it is paperless, payments are faster and easier. Also, the guarantee of transaction security is excellent. Digital payments usually have a fraud detection system. So that your transactions are safe from fraud or theft.

3. Capturing customers on an international scale

With digital payments, MSMEs can reach more customers. Not only in the national scope but also in the international sphere. Of course, this is a wide and good opportunity for MSMEs. The international market is indeed worthy of being developed for MSMEs. In addition to carrying regional names, MSME products can compete with foreign products.

When MSME products are recognized by outsiders, there will be many opportunities for transactions. With digital payment, MSMEs can accept payments from virtual accounts or credit cards.

4. Save time, space, and effort

Digital payment makes transactions easy. One of them, you can pay in any amount, it can be done anywhere, anytime. Not limited to a certain time. Payment can even be made during holidays.

Then, you also don’t always make payments at the bank, but it can also be done at retail outlets or via e-wallets such as Gopay, OVO, Dana, Link Aja, or ShopeePay. So these are the benefits that can be obtained by MSMEs when deciding to use digital payments.

5. Able to compete with international business

It is time to prove that local MSMEs are not inferior in product quality to foreign products. There is an assumption that prices that are not much different make customers more suitable for using external products. Not really.

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So, to help develop MSME products, digital payment services are the right choice. One of the digital payment services that can be used is a virtual account or credit card.

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