5 Benefits of Application of Gamification within the Company

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5 Benefits of Application of Gamification within the Company

5 Benefits of Application of Gamification within the Company

During this time the game is seen as a method for relieving stress and fatigue after doing heavy work or just to fill your free time to relax. However, on the other hand the game has a big contribution in building a healthy company. This method is called gamification.

Basically gamification is a technique projects what happens in the future for companies in unique ways. Or in other words Gamification is applying the game rules for the non-game context.

In this case, for example, the development of the company is both improved performance to improve the quality of existing human resources. As for the benefits if the company applies this gamification you can see in the reviews below.

How do you apply gamification?

In applying gamification to the company, there are several procedures that must be fulfilled. Because in gamification if one aspect is not fulfilled it will be difficult to run. This is because gamification is a strategy that requires teamwork and honing the creative thinking process in doing business. At least the following procedures need to be prepared when you want to apply gamification.

  • Perform qualification analysis of a job when recruiting and selection of new employees.
  • After you do a qualification analysis, then determine what things you want to look for and achieve in this gamification. In this search you also need to determine what dimensions want to be used as a benchmark for success.
  • The next process is that you need to determine what games are suitable for applicable. Try to choose the game, preferably those who sharpen the ability to think and hone someone’s creativity to solve a problem faced.
  • The last step is you need to make assessment criteria. From this criteria for assessment you can determine what has been achieved and what things need to be evaluated later on.

Benefits of gamification that you can get

One of the main reasons the company needs to apply gamification is to have a positive impact on providing progress of the company. The benefits of both direct and indirect employees in the company have had competitiveness. They will compete (certainly in this case is a healthy competition) to be the best.

Then, the impact of competition for companies is as follows as reported by Techinasia:

  • More reaching users and consumers

Consumers and users are the most important thing in a company. If it is likened, consumers and users are the backbone of the company to keep running in terms of entry.

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The closer the company’s interaction with consumers or users, then the level of loyalty can be higher. Especially for new users who do not understand the application features provided by the company.

The success of reaching consumers using gamification is a separate achievement. We can see companies that use this method are gojek that has go-points.

By using this feature invites users to often transact through go-pay and the greater the points are getting bigger the opportunity to win certain points. So, consumers survive using services from gojek.

Helping company strategy design

The presence of gamification can also help in designing strategies in the company. This benefit for employees is to invite how to solve a problem faced by companies in critical times such as. Or how to increase sales by negotiating with potential clients and consumers.

From these games like this you as a company leader will get an overview of what steps to be used as the next strategy in the sustainability of the company.

Troubleshooting and negotiation strategies usually often become material in increasing capacity in an armed forces. However, this way can also be applied to companies to get better and tough in facing various business competition.

  • Motivate employees

The next benefit of gamification is to motivate employees in a company. This step can also be a new way of managing human resources, especially improving its performance.

Managing human resources or employees in the old way like giving direction is certainly very boring. Instead of motivation that you said successfully, it was actually not in the minds of employees. So it’s very difficult to apply.

Some companies apply this gamification and proved to have succeeded in motivating the best employees. Nike is an example that applies the gamification pattern they call ‘Ekin’. ‘Ekin’ if it’s reversed into Nike.

Programs like this are taught Nike to get to know the history of the company and have a sense of sense of belonging company. In addition, they not only love their own brand but also transmit this love for consumers.

So, from here there is a reciprocal relationship and providing benefits for employees to increase the spirit of work giving the best.

  • Grow new innovations

In addition to being able to grow motivation, gamification is believed to be able to foster innovation and creativity for employees. To use it optimally if you as a company leader there are at least three ways to be done such as:

  • Utilizing the game to get a new idea. This is done by several departments in certain countries called the IDEA Street game. In this game, company management can see what a proposal is good and has the highest value in the eyes of employees.
  • Then, you can do a game simulation for fishing creativity like GO Leadership game. In this game employees will be faced with difficult scenarios and try to solve it in their own way. The way is to understand the characteristics of others and the conditions available. In this game employees are required to think out of the box.
  • Maybe you think playing identical to children. However, in gamification playing is the key to achieving success. The aim is to relieve stress for employees. Whether it’s playing cards, game consoles and so on. This method is applied by large companies like Google in developing their creative projects.
  • The recruitment and training process is easier
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The last major benefit obtained from gamification is making it easier for companies in finding the best talents. Unique ways like this have been done by the Intelligence and Security Bureau in the UK GCHQ which makes a mysterious message code when recruiting the best spies.

Existing candidates must know the contents of the hidden message to be able to continue the next selection process. GCHQ can determine who is the best candidate through this test and game.

Other large companies that utilize gamificiation are Daiichi Sankyo in the training of their employees. This pharmaceutical company in Japan designed the game how to handle diabetes patients. Patience and tenacity of employees will be tested in this training so that they will later become diligent and resilient employees in the company.

So, after knowing the reviews above you can conclude that gamification is the strategy that is out of the box and has the advantage of improving performance and making the company better.

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