5 Basic Capabilities for Digital Marketing

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5 Basic Capabilities for Digital Marketing

5 Basic Capabilities for Digital Marketing

Having digital skills is very important because it is of high value and is a vital necessity today. with that we will give an idea of ​​some of the skills needed at this time that you need to have or improve.

Digital marketing specialist has become a profession that has been loved for more than a decade. The presence of social media and the development of a rapidly developing digital world. The latest World Economic Forum (WEF) report reveals several types of occupations that are likely to record high needs in the next two years. One of them is employment opportunities in the field of sales & marketing professionals – where Digital Marketing Specialists are part of the field.

From the data above, it is not surprising that many companies need talent with the ability to analyze market potential combined with the literacy of the use of digital tools. For beginners in this realm, what are the skills you must possess to improve marketing performance in the digital area?

1. Sharpen your analysis skills

This skill is needed to be able to analyze every marketing activity carried out. The digital marketing specialists are also always required to be able to analyze every need and conversion of the website they have. With good analytical skills, they are expected to increase conversions as well as predictions of steps and needs to be taken in the future.

2. Be active on social media

It cannot be denied, the presence of social media is an important component in digital marketing channels. So, it is a must for digital marketing specialists to be active and master social media skills well. Is tweeting and beautifying Instagram feeds enough?

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Certainly not. More than that, digital marketing specialists must be able to devise strategies to expand marketing networks on social media while understanding the user’s behavior.

3. Data visualization capabilities

Data is the new oil, they said. A true digital marketer also agrees that phrase. Data is needed as a material consideration to determine the decisions taken (or often referred to as data-oriented decision making). The ability to process and visualize good data is very much needed to improve the capabilities of digital marketing.

4. Sharpen technical skills

It never hurts to learn basic technical skills, such as basic web development or video editing. It could be a form of communication with the web developer or content creator team. Who knows, after that, they can discuss and exchange ideas to create a digital marketing campaign.

5. Can work together in teams

A digital marketing must also be able to become a good team player to work with other team members. There are many things that will make digital marketing interconnected among other teams. Like when creating a campaign, of course we will need resources / assistance from other teams such as web developers, social media, content creators, etc.

Of course there are still many marketer skills that digital marketing must have. Some of the skills above are what digital marketing needs to have, especially if you are serious about this field.