5 Advantages of Using Video Marketing

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5 Advantages of Using Video Marketing

5 Advantages of Using Video Marketing

Watching videos online has become a habit for World internet users in recent years. Based on the APJII survey, 59 percent of World internet users use the internet to access the online video.

The habit of watching online videos is also predicted to be able to shift television as the main advertising source in the World. The time people spend watching online video is almost the same as watching television. Based on the findings of Akamai Technologies and Kadence International, the average online video watching time in the World is 7.7 hours a week while the average television watching time is 7.8 hours.

This makes business owners start investing more funds in online video advertising or also commonly referred to as video marketing.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a marketing method that utilizes video on the online platform as its main media. Video marketing can be easily found on various online video platforms and social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

5 Advantages of Video Marketing

Video marketing is right for you to use not without reason. Video marketing has its own advantages compared to other marketing methods. Here are five advantages of video marketing:

1. Videos Help Consumers Understand Your Product

Customers are sometimes lazy to read to the end about your product details. If they do not understand the advantages of your product, of course, the possibility to buy even smaller. You can use video marketing to help customers understand your product. According to HubSpot, 87 percent of customers want the company to release more videos going forward.

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2. The Use of Video Marketing Continues to Increase

In 2018 only 63 percent of companies used video marketing. This number always increases every year. In 2019, 81 percent of companies have started implementing video marketing and are predicted to increase to 87 percent in 2020 (Wyzowl). If you want to win the competition, of course, you also have to follow the trends, one of which is using video marketing.


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3. Video Marketing Increases Conversion

The use of video marketing continues to increase, of course, there is a reason. The main reason video marketing is widely used by companies is to increase conversions. Based on the Wyzowl survey, 72 percent of businesspeople stated that video marketing helped to increase their business conversion significantly. The higher the conversion, the higher the profit you will get.

Advantages of Using Video Marketing

4. Customers Prefer to Share Videos

All business people want their marketing campaigns to spread virally across the internet. The more viral marketing campaigns, the more people who talk about your brand. Surely this is good for building brand awareness of your product in the community.

One effort you can make to create a viral marketing campaign is to use video. Because people prefer to share videos than other types of content. Based on the Mill for Business report, 92 percent of customers share interesting marketing videos with their friends.

5. Video is the Future of Marketing

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According to Cisco, 80 percent of internet traffic in 2020 will be dominated by video and is expected to continue to increase going forward. This finding is a trigger for all business people to immediately utilize video marketing. Because your customers prefer videos to other types of content and you should be able to reach them on the platform they like the most, which is video.


Making video marketing is one of your efforts to keep up with the market’s desire to shift from the habit of watching television to watching videos online. The good news is that unlike advertising on television, video marketing can be used by anyone. Even Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can use video marketing.

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