4 ways to speed up wifi connections easily

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4 ways to speed up wifi connections easily

4 ways to speed up wifi connections easily

4 ways to speed up wifi connections easily

Many people use wifi connections because of the benefits given. WiFi allows you to connect many devices through one network. You also don’t need to use cellphone data to access the internet. Its use is also easy, it can be connected in a fairly large area, without a troublesome long cable.

But what happens if you use wifi but the connection is slow? You need to know how to speed up the wifi connection easily below now!

Broadband speed test

This is the first step to speed up the wifi connection that you must do. You need to test the speed to find out what you are working on.

This method shows upload speed and downloads while giving you a reference point to measure how effectively each method speeds up the wifi you do.

To do this, just visit the speed testing site. You can try speed tests, click start, and upload speed information and download you will appear. Or, just type the ‘Speed ​​Test’ to Google and Google will provide speed checks in the browser.

Road Router

Strain device is a famous way that functions to improve many situations, including to overcome a slow wifi connection.

You only need to turn off the router for 10-15 seconds and turn it on again. Most routers have a turn-off switch on the back. But you can also pull out the adapter to break the power and turn it off.

After the process relies to finish (wait at least one minute), try WiFi back and see if the problem has been resolved or not. If the WiFi connection does not show the difference, you can also reload the device connected to your WiFi.

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Sometimes, the device connected to WiFi has the potential to cause problems with WiFi. So, you can speed up a wifi connection by reloading your device connected to WiFi.

Replace Router

The latest Wi-Fi standard is 802.11ac. If the router you use is standard 802.11b or 802.11g, the new router will increase the wifi speed and provide a longer connectivity range.

If you have become a loyal customer, most internet providers will send you the latest router for free but others might charge shipping costs. To check the wifi standards you use, do the following ways:

  • Click on Wi-Fi shortcuts (usually found at the bottom right of the PC screen).
  • Point the cursor on the broadband service you use.
  • WiFi standard information will be listed next to the ‘radio type’.

Check devices using wifi

Total bandwidth WiFi network is shared between connected devices. Whatever heavy bandwidth program that runs on one device will affect the speed of the internet on other devices.

Usually, web browsing has no big effects. However, using WiFi to play games, watch video streaming, or download large files on devices can drastically affect other device network bandwidth.

So, make sure there are no devices that use WiFi networks for heavy content bandwidth. In addition, you can decide on an inactive device connection like a smartphone that is not used.

This needs to be done because the background application may still use bandwidth even when the screen is turned off.

Not only that, if your WiFi network is still installed for the public, you can also prevent foreigners from using your WiFi network by changing the WiFi password.

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Speed ​​up its WiFi connection is quite easy, right? Of course, with a fast WiFi connection, your internet activity can run more comfortably. May be useful!

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