4 Ways To Make Your Website For Beginners

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4 Ways To Make Your Website For Beginners

4 Ways To Make Your Website For Beginners

Have you ever thought that you simply want to make your website? Is there how to make your website without having to bother brooding about programming languages? There, please! You can easily create your website without having to possess certain skills. All you need is the intention. How do you make your website easily? You can use the help of WordPress!

Have you ever heard of the word WordPress before? Maybe for a few people that are conversant in blogs, yes. In the past, WordPress was known for its blogging platforms such as Blogspot, Tumblr, or Weebly. Eitss but that’s not it! WordPress is employed to make different websites, you know. Previously, first identify the difference between WordPress for blogs and WordPress for websites.

What is WordPress?

Don’t confuse a WordPress website with a WordPress blog. WordPress does issue 2 excellent products, namely WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is employed only for “blogging”. You don’t got to buy a website or hosting. WordPress blogs are usually marked with the suffix .wordpress.com.

Meanwhile, WordPress.org may be a CMS (Content Management System) like a standard website. For the WordPress.org website files to run, you would like a website and hosting. You can make various changes in terms of appearance, content, security, and configuration to form it your ideal website. Because you’ve got used a website , the URL address of a WordPress-based website not uses the .wordpress.com suffix. But the domain names that you have, for instance , .net, .com, .id, and so on.

What Should Be Prepared?

What needs to be prepared are:

1. Intention and Mental

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2. Laptop and Internet Connection

4 Ways to Make Your Website

Okay, after the war equipment is prepared , the way to create your website can start.

1. Determine the Website Theme

The first thing you’ve got to believe is that the website theme. What do you want your website to be? What is it about? Many website themes to choose from, for instance , personal websites, company websites, online stores, blogs, travel websites, culinary websites, or websites that contain various movie reviews. Besides, attempt to believe how it’ll appear as if . Is it retro? Is it black? etc. Then do not forget to write down down what you would like to incorporate on the web site . For example, company profiles, company photos, photos of things being sold, or contacts which will be contacted. Don’t get stuck within the middle of the road because you haven’t prepared everything.

2. Choose a Domain and Hosting Service Provider

Do you know how the website works? The website is made on the name and hosting. Domain is the name of the website itself. Meanwhile, hosting is that the place where the web site is placed. So, an internet site are often built if there’s hosting and there’s a website . Now because domain and hosting are the most foundation, so choose the simplest service provider. Make sure you recognize the features and services you get. Check one by one the specifications, capacity, RAM, and price. Try asking if there’s a reduction promo or not. Not bad, you can get a cheap domain and hosting.

3. Use WordPress

After the domain and hosting are obtained, please install WordPress. Oh yes, there are several domain and hosting service providers that have direct WordPress installation features, you know! You can take advantage of this feature to make it easier. If there is no such feature, take it easy! You can easily install WordPress yourself using several tools such as Softaculous or download it directly on the official WordPress website.

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4. Fix Display

Once WordPress is installed successfully, it is time for your custom website! You can do the customization at will. Don’t deviate from the website theme. You can get a variety of free and paid WordPress themes. You can also beautify your website with various plugins. Don’t forget to incorporate the notes that you simply listed earlier. Customize menus, image sliders, footers, and sidebars to make your website more beautiful.

Those were 4 ways to make your website without coding. You can create your website sort of a professional programmer only armed with WordPress. For security issues, don’t worry because it is fully taken care of by the WordPress Team. However, don’t forget to always update your WordPress to the latest version!

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