4 Ways to Make Visitors Stay Longer on Your Website

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4 Ways to Make Visitors Stay Longer on Your Website

4 Ways to Make Visitors Stay Longer on Your Website

4 Ways to Make Visitors Stay Longer on Your Website

It’s very important to convert as many of your visitors as possible into leads or conversions the first time they land on your website, as that might be your only chance. According to the Bounce Exchange, about 70-96% of website visitors who get a bad first impression will usually never return to the site again.

The longer the visitor stays on your website, the more likely it is to get a conversion. Here are four ways to keep your visitors engaged and stay on your website longer.

1. Put a Strategic CTA on Every Page

Every page on your website should have some sort of CTA which ultimately leads to increased revenue. For example, a blog post should include internal links to other pieces of relevant content on your website, or further information about a particular product or service.

If someone is interested in buying, but isn’t quite sure yet, pushing them to additional information can be a necessary incentive to convert them during the visit.

You can also create restricted content, which can only be accessed once a visitor has submitted their email address. Some examples of limited content include in-depth reports, case studies, and videos. This can help add to your e-mail list, which will pay off in the long run. Remember, collecting emails is only half the battle – you need to optimize your email marketing to generate revenue from your email list.

2. Create Pop-Ups When Visitors Intend to Leave

Pop-ups that only come out when a visitor intends to leave your website can be very effective. There are a few different ways to take advantage of this, depending on the pages visited.

As for blog marketing – you can create pop-ups that offer visitors to be directed to other relevant posts. Bring this up at the bottom, so the pop-up will only appear when the visitor has finished reading the content on the page. Organize relevant page by page to provide additional information to visitors, this will increase the potential for resulting in later conversions.

3. Use Attractive Visual Content

One of the easiest ways to increase the average time on your website is to include lots of visual content on your website. Explainer videos are great at keeping visitors’ attention when you describe a product or service, and infographics usually have a longer visit duration than text-based blog posts.

Some websites, especially landing pages with one specific purpose, can use visual elements to help keep visitors long enough to end up completing the conversion goal. If your website doesn’t have this visual feature, visitors can just come and go. Besides, visitors will also easily feel bored if they only read text.

4. Make Your Content Readable Quickly

It’s important to break your content into sections, so that it’s easier to digest, even if it’s just skimming. If you use headings and subtitles correctly, as well as in the right format, your message will still get across even if they are just skimming.

It doesn’t matter what the content is, you need to pay attention to formatting such as; not too long paragraphs, using descriptive subtitles, and bullet points. This allows visitors to read blog posts quickly and get to the main points.

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