4 Video Marketing Strategy Tips You Need to Know

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4 Video Marketing Strategy Tips You Need to Know

4 Video Marketing Strategy Tips You Need to Know 1

Video as a form of promotion is currently becoming popular among business people. Because the existence of the video is more preferred than promotions in other forms. Various researches that have been done reveal the results which state that video marketing is the most effective marketing strategy in the millennial era.

The presence of this phenomenon has pushed marketers lately to create video marketing campaigns to support marketed brands. However, video marketing can be ineffective content if the accompanying components are incompatible. For example, the message delivered or talent does not match the brand being promoted.

The objective of making a video of any type is not merely to become viral. This was stated by the Digital Marketing Institute. Because based on the various experiences of businesspeople in the past, there are more important objectives behind video marketing, rather than just being viral. Then how is the right way to make video marketing with an objective that is not just viral? Here are 4 tips that you must do.

1. Important Part: Opening Scene in the First 10 Seconds

Short and solid contents are the favorite video categories desired in marketing strategies. However, in this case, the marketer must also take into consideration the message that will be displayed in the content. According to research data or previous experience, usually, the audience will stop watching a video in the duration before or a maximum of the first 10 seconds. This scene is better known as a hook that has the function of maximizing the performance of marketing strategies in the form of videos.

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You can show interesting video clips or questions that make your audience curious in the first 10 seconds. Include values ​​that make your audience want to continue to enjoy the content you present, making sure your videos inspire or entertain.

2. Content Storytelling

To make good video marketing, you need to meet the needs of audience content, one of the most effective is through storytelling. Sales through soft-selling has become a mainstay of the digital marketers in the millennial era, including in the form of video marketing. You must display the values ​​that are visible in the story.

Attracting the audience’s attention can be done through emotional adjustments such as market demand based on the results of previous research. You don’t need to worry about sales drop, because you can include CTA in the video.

3. Effectiveness of Video Publication Schedules

Publication of video content can reach the most effective level when the launch schedule is carried out at the right moment. Determine an efficient schedule for publishing videos so that your maximum audience reach. If you have an objective at a particular product launching or event, these tips will also be effective because of the suitability of the moment that will occur.

4. Right Media Selection

At this point, you need in-depth research related to social media. This must be done because it aims to attract different target markets based on the needs of each individual.

For video type content, it will usually be appropriate if distributed via social media like Facebook or Youtube. For example, video marketing is perfect for marketing through Twitter and Instagram. This strategy is very conditional according to your target market.

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After spreading video marketing, you need to increase your visitors by doing online advertising. You can start by advertising your product, so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target the marketing targets you want and gives you many choices for marketing your product.